Perceu Class

Perceu Class, a nice ship by vt1032


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Perceu Class, a nice ship by vt1032

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Download 'perceu.rar' (1.47MB)

Perceu Class by VT1032

The following install-instructions are for a2, the instructions for a1 are similiar, but you need to own odf-files for a1

to install just copy all folders from this zip into your armada-directory..
it won't change any files...
to Perceu.sod and copy it into \sod directory..

this file contains a buildbutton, some weapon-buttons and one wireframe as you need to edit 
your of your  \sprites  -folder

search for the federation-buildbutton section and ad the followin line:
b_Perceu			gbPerceu		0	0	64	64

now search for:

# Wireframes
# ----------


# Ship Wireframes

and add following lines:
Perceuw1			fedwire02   0	0	128	128

no you have to open the from your \techtree - folder
and add these lines:


now open a fyard.odf, fyard2.odf, or fbase.odf (depends on where you want it to be build) 
and search for builditem-section
now add the following under the last entry
builditemXX = "Perceu"

(replace XX with a build-slot..that means if the last entry says buildbutton6 = "something"   replace XX with 7 )


Original Textures 6 of 9 (Voyager Class)
Original Sod VT1032

Armada-Conversion by VT1032

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