Planet Clusters



Cluster is definitely a good word to sum up this first-time-mod/map by Star701. A large map filled with, well, pretty much anything and everything (we like that) 'Planet Clusters' will force you to think on your feet. Why? Chock-a-block with Dominion forces (amongst others...no hints there, sorry!) scattered across the map, be they the small attack ships or the dominating Dreadnaught's that crush anything in its sight. This should make early scouting rather interesting, especially for those without cloaks and even later for those who are mass fleet moving and bump into a Dreadnaught.

There are plenty of resource points in the map (as evident by the large amount of dilithium moons) and there is bound to be plenty of space to build, even if you're the Borg. Strategies though? Well, if I was a cloakable race, I'd set up a network of sensors as constructed by a chain of cloakable ships (so Talon, Hideki and Bird of Prey) and if I wasn't, I'd do my best to lure the enemy away from my base and fleets. Of course, you could extend that by luring the enemy to, well, your opponent and see how much damage could be done. With an early on implementation of this, you could really set back the enemy. Anyhow, this looks to be a cracking first-time map, one of many I hope.



This is a Map mod for A2, and it's my first mod/map i've sent to Filefront
so be nice please.  All you have to do is, like any other map mod, download them,
and take them and put them in your A2 BZN folder which the default is:

C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\Bzn

So I bet all of you newer modders are going "Whew!" like I did my first time round modding...
wait, this IS the first time round modding :"

This is a 8 player map for A2, the name of the map is Planet Clusters

Legal stuff:

I don't really care if you take this and call it your own work because it's a 
minor one. This mod is not supported by Activision or anything connected to it ect.
I will not be responsible if your computer crashes or anything like that (though I doubt that will happen with a minor mod such as this)


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