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Adapted from the cruiser of the 'Enterprise' era seen in 'Star Trek: Legacy', the Predator was a pretty powerful ship that supplemented the...


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Adapted from the cruiser of the 'Enterprise' era seen in 'Star Trek: Legacy', the Predator was a pretty powerful ship that supplemented the almighty battleship that came above it. If, however, you need a counter for your NX-01, this would prove to be it, being the Klingons equivalent ship. Whilst technically for the Ent era, the three ships contained within are fit in to stock very snuggly. The three ships include the standard issue destroyer/cruiser, which boasts moderate weapons for its size and looks very stylish. Corresponding to that is the freighter variant, like the Bird of Prey mining variant seen on 'Enterprise', is the same basic shape as the main version, but boasts a bit of bulk in the neck for storing resources (Klingon ship-necks always did look a little weak anyhow). To finish off the trio, you get a refit version which takes its place as a definite cruiser, but looks the part of a more TOS style ship. As mentioned, all are perfectly balanced to stock, so take no harm in thinking they'll fall apart on sight of a single torpedo.

In terms of content, it is pretty lack lustre, with just the bare minimum to get going. As a tech tree recommendation, the basic version would fit in upon completion of the first yard, whilst the refit with the first research station and the freighter as soon as you have a station up. So, whilst the actual content is certainly lacking, the quality definitely isn't, as both the models and textures look fantastic, especially for only the second mesh built from scratch for K7A. Besides, even if you don't personally like the model, anything to help bolster the slim Klingon forces on this site is definitely welcome. Klingon fans, this one is for you. For everyone else, your prey has just got a bit tougher.

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Download '' (3.38MB)

This is my Klingon Predator. It comes with .odf, .sod. and an alpha channel texture. This is my second attempt at creating a mesh from scratch. 

This Pack Contains 3 ships of the predator family.

Original Inspiration: Star Trek Legacy
Mesh: K7AV (ME)
Texture: (K7AV/Bethesda)
.odf: K7AV (ME)

Sorry for not including all of the wonderful things like a admirals log and build button I'm short on time. 

(Note: this may or may may not appear in my upcoming mod Dogs of War.) 


Thank You. I hope You enjoy this.

Questions? Concerns? 
K7AV - [email protected]

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