Okay, let me start off by saying that I thought the Prom was a so-so super ship to begin with. Now that's that out of the way, I can say tha...


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Okay, let me start off by saying that I thought the Prom was a so-so super ship to begin with. Now that's that out of the way, I can say that a ship with 5 necelles is a little on overkill. Four is bad enough. The ship is a modified BC conversion.

The tooltip is a little long:

Prometheus-X Class - Prototype Long Range Advanced Tactical vessel (Prometheus Variant). In 2381 Star Fleet found a derilict Borg Diamond on the edge of Federation space. They towed the vessel back to starbase 926 for full disassembly, and study. While examining the outer hull they discovered that the entire atomic structure of the Vessel had been compromised they downloaded the entire database hoping to find what happened. They discovered the borg had discovered, not encountered a race called the Zarlad. The Zarlad had biogenic technology that was capable of completely Ionizing a Species 8472 Battleship with one shot. The last entry was that they were atemting to assimilate one of there ships... with this discovery Starfleet rushed as many prototype vessels into production as they had. Eight months later the Prometheus-X Plans were brought to the drawing table, four months later they discovered a borg Tactical Fusion cube with the same damage. long range scans have detected less and less borg ships in the Delta Quadrant... The most advanced technology available has been fitted to the prometheus-X, including Ablative Armor, burst fire quantuam torpedo tubes (multi Target) Multi target XX phasers, an implanted Borg Regeneration System, Slipstream Drive, three Rapid Fire Torpedo Turrets below the saucer (like on the soveriegn Class), Corbomite Reflector, and an Iconian Disruptor capable of generating a Type 18 Supernova

That was the tooltip.

On the positive, the ship comes with a plethora of new weapons, and includes buttons and wireframes. It may debalance the game a little, but hey, when you've got five necelles, do you really diserve to be second to anyone? I think not.

Also, the author messed with the hue on one of the shots, so the necelle colors are messed up. They are standard red and blue.

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Hello sherman2 here
This Is an Extremly Advanced Vessel Called, Drumroll Please...  "PROMETHEUS-X NX - 79624"
I know how it might Look but It's Still a Great Ship.
This is the first of about eight ships... and, Eventually a new race
Any questions or advice E-Mail me at

I made this mod to help make the game more interesting.

Alright enough of me, Installation and Credits as follows


wpromxphot		wpromxphot	0	0	32	32	@anim=tex4x4
Xphaser		Xphaser		0	0	128	21	@anim=tex1x6
wfquant		wfquant	0	0	42	42	@anim=tex3x3

into weapon.spr

b_pxregen         gbpxregen   0     0     64    64
b_fpromx          gbfpromx    0     0     64    64
b_slipstream      gbfslipstream     0     0     64    64
b_giconia         gbiconia    0     0     64    64

into Gui_global.spr

fpromx.odf 1 fsuperbl.odf
slipstream.odf 0
giconia.odf 0
pxregen.odf 0

fpromx.odf and prometheus.odf in

promxcombat.odf and promxphys.odf in

giconia.odf, iconiao.odf, iconia.odf, 
slipstream.odf, slipstreamo.odf, slipconduit.odf and
pxregen.odf in

fpromxphas.odf, fpromxphas2.odf, fpromxphas3.odf, 
fpromxphaso3.odf and fpromxphaso.odf, in

fpromxstors.odf, fpromxstorsord.odf, promxrap.odf and
quantmo.odf in

trajest.wav, sovphot.wav, moonmak2.wav and
phasef.wav in

buildItemX = "fpromx"
replace "X" with next number in list.



slipstream = Pneumonic81 or Ted H (I'm not sure)
Original model design = Paramount
Original textures = Greg Strong
Original mesh = Greg Strong
Quantum torpedo textures = Rake's Weapons textures
Phaser texture = Mangledduk
Buttons = Me
Odf's = Me
Otherweapons = Me
moonmak2.wav = CaptainFuture
trajest.wav = "unknown"
sovphot.wav = First contact

Thats it.
Have Fun!!!
If you want to use this in you own mod feel free but give the artists above
and me credit please!!

SHERMAN2 Signing Out.

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