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These special weapons are a derivative of one of my favorite special weapons in the game. In the stock version of A2 the Romulan shadow has...


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These special weapons are a derivative of one of my favorite special weapons in the game. In the stock version of A2 the Romulan shadow has a devastating weapon able to reduce the crew by a some total of 50%. Most people don't realise the utility of this, so consider. Divide any number in two eight times, whats the resulting figure? (its zero, for those of you who don't like maths)

In the stock game you can use a squad of four Shadows to completely decrew any ship or station. This can be anything from a scout (which is a waste) to a Tactical Fusion Cube (which is a good use, because you can then re-crew it and throw it back at them)

This weapon is going to hurt in two ways. The ultrium beam in its stock version is probably THE most deadly weapon in the game because it can kill things before they get in range. This is possibly worse, because instead of killing something outside of its range it merely decrews them, allowing you to take an entire fleet instead of a single ship. Now, if you get warning bells going off at the ultrium beam, remember it does only hit 4 targets 4 times.

The wave version of this however? Well, I do regret not being able to try it out on a unsuspecting human player but I think it would upset the game balance quite a bit unless the opposition has some unmanned ships that are immune to its effect. However, as the person adding it your the one that makes such decisions, so you have the potential to make this a unbalanced terror or an interesting addition.

- Freyr

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		Psychonic Weapons Mod Installation Read-me

Description:These weapons are about the some as the stock weapon Psychonic Blast. However, the wave weapon hits all the targets with in 800 game
units (normal sensor range on a ship that doesn't have it specified) at the same time causing those ships to lose 66% of there crew. The Ultritium 
Psychonic Burst weapon is a little different in that it hits up to 12 targets at a time, and durring this time it stays on for a total of 6 seconds, draining 
half of the crew every second. Note that half means half of the crew at the the time it gets effected and not a wholle half of the starting crew every second, 
basically half of the crew than half of the crew left after that and so on until the ship becomes a derelict.


Step 1 
	Add all files from the odf directory into your games /odf folder

If you want to use the wave weapon on a ship other than the Shadow Class
Don't add these files;


Step 2 
	Add the following files to the /textures/rgb folder


Step 3 
	Add the following lines to "sprites/gui_global.spr" below,
		"# Special weapon buttons


b_gpsyblstw			gbpblastw00		0	0	64	64
b_gutribmp			gbutritiump00		0	0	64	64

Step 4 
	Add the following lines to "sprites/weapon.spr" below,


# Ultritium Psychonic Burst
utribmp		Wuitritiump	0	0	128 	32	@anim=tex1x4

Step 5 
	Add the following lines to

gutribmp.odf       0

gpsyblstw.odf 1 rompod72.odf                          // psychonic blast wave (shadow class)  - (only if you want the weapon on Shadow Class)
rompod72.odf 2 rresear2.odf rompod7.odf   // research pod (psychonic blast wave)  - (only if you want the weapon on Shadow Class)

	Now add the following lines to

gutribmp.odf     0
gpsyblstw.odf   0
rompod72.odf   0

Step 6
	Add the following line to the ship you wish The Psychonic Wave to used on

// Psychonic Blast Wave
weaponx = "gpsyblstw"
weaponHardpointsx = "hpxx" 

// Ultritium Burst
weaponx = "gutribmp"
weaponHardpointsx = "hpxx"

The "x"s are where you replace with the next number in the sequence, and the "hpxx" is where you replace with an available hardpoint/s on the ship
(note: you can have multiple hard points used per weapon on the ship, for several firing points).  

HINT--> Make sure the ship you add the weapon to has at least 800 special energy for the wave one, and 1000 special energy for Ultritium Psychonic 
Burst, or the weapons won't fire.

Special Weapon Buttons-ECL

You can use any of this in your mods, just provide the appropriate credits.

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E-Mail:[email protected]

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