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Feel the need to zip across the quadrant in a small ship from another galaxy? Well now you can, in the form of the Atlantian puddle jumper/T...


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Feel the need to zip across the quadrant in a small ship from another galaxy? Well now you can, in the form of the Atlantian puddle jumper/Time jumper from the Stargate Atlantis and SG-1 series' (respectively). It's been incredibly well re-created with some brilliant textures (look really closely and you can actually see people inside the front window!) and a nicely done mesh. Whilst not being overloaded with weapons (or any type of shield for that matter), she can survive a light attack before submitting to defeat. Do not under estimate her though, she is of Ancient design afterall.

Recommended use would be as a scout ship, or a sceince ship for whichever race you put it in for. Honestly, it makes sense to put it with the Federation and more human race, however those of you with customized game's including possibly an SG-1 Human or Ancient/Atlantian side, this will be ideal for you. It even comes complete with an admiral's pic and build button.

Again, good job, download now.

You can download a small odf fix from here: http://armada2.filefront.com/file/;57856

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Download 'puddle_jumper.zip' (767KB)

Puddle jumer v1.0

	Small Ancient space craft built by the Atlantians. Highly maneuverable and equipped with stealth mode allowing
 complete invisibility. Small enough to fit through a stargate. Weapons:There are 2 types of drone. 1=the none-explosive drones used in the atlantian out-post on earth. 2=the explosive drones fired by the puddle-jumper
(no sheilds tho, However the hull is increadable strong and can withstand enormous pressure"

	- Add the jumper.odf to the /odf/ships folder
	- Add the jumper.sod to the /sod folder
	- Add the jumper.tga and gbkshuttle.tga to the /textures/rgb folder
	- Add the jumper.bmp to /bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder
	- Add the following lines to sprites/gui_global.spr 
b_jumper			gbjumper	0	0	64	64

(if you would like a white blob where the wireframe should be instead of nothing that add this line)
jumperw1			gbjumper	0	0	128	128

	- Add the following line to techtree/tech1.tt and fulltech

jumper.odf	0

	- Add the following line to the station that you wish your puddle jumper to be build from odf/stations/(station of choice).odf

buildItemX = "jumper"

remember to replace X with the next number in the sequence.

Mod Usage:
feel free to uses these files in any mods you want to just give me the credit,
i can be reached at ColdDarkParanoia@gmail.com tho this isn't nessersery if you want to use the file. just give me the credit.

all these file's are my own work (part from the stock texture lol) not activisions and they can't be held resonsible for it ect.. you know the rest.

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