pulse photons

this adds pulsed torpedos to the defient


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this adds pulsed torpedos to the defient

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Ok first thank u for downloading my file! ! !

This is a pulse photon torpedo. When I saw star trek: Nemesis i thought ,
This photons of the enterprise ( remember that white things look like pulses? )
would be a nice weapon for armada2.


Open your Star Trek Armada2 directory
Then open the *odf* folder
Open the *weapons* folder
Open the *pulse* folder
Copy the *pulsephoton-and-pulsephotono.odf* in the *pulse* folder
That´s it.

If you want to use it on a ship, open the ships folder in the odf folder.
Then select your ship.odf file,open it
scroll down to weapons 
it has to look like this(example the defiant) :

// Pulse Photons           i
weapon1 = &quot;pulsephoton&quot;    i< < < write this at the end of the
weaponHardpoints1 = &quot;hp01&quot; i      the number has to be the next number of the last weapon.
                                  if u have 7 weapons , the next number has to be 8
weapon2 = &quot;pulsephoton&quot;           example :
weaponHardpoints2 = &quot;hp02&quot;        
                                 weapon7 = grkreopgj
ETC.                             weaponHardpoints = edrgmoiae
                                 the next weapon u want to have the pulse photons:
                                 weapon8 = &quot;pulsephoton&quot;
                                 weaponHardpoint8= &quot;where the pulsephotons were fired&quot;

I hope u understand    0  §  O
U CAN USE IT IN UR OWN MOD! ! ! !  ! ! !

 THX TO ALL                                           

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