Qaw'hoch ejDo

Or the Qaw'hoch class if you prefer english.

ok, I am not really the best person to do a review on a ship so I will try and keep...


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Or the Qaw'hoch class if you prefer english.

ok, I am not really the best person to do a review on a ship so I will try and keep this short.

This is a simple, yet innovative ODF mod as the author hasn't got a model completed as of yet. The mod is easy to install following Avon's example, Hopefully other modders will keep writing things to the same standard because this is easy enough for anybody to install easily without problems.

This is certainly a welcome departure from ODF mods being a simple change to shields producing god ships as this is genuinely its own class of ship.

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a klingon ship that actually does what it says it does!!
presenting the Qaw'hoch
(for those of you who do not speak kingon "Qaw'hoch" means 'destroy everything') 
ok ok. i know that this looks like just another fek'lehr mod, but i am working on a 
new sod for it that should be coming out... well i don't know...  but!! it will be good
oh, yeah, and the special weapon doesn't do damage all the way out to the fringe.  this is intentional.
the weapon does so much damage that the ship launching it will be destroyed in a matter of seconds if 
is allowed to remain in the fringe. a good rule of thumb is to pull the trigger and run like hell.
really. it will kill your ships... you have been warned.
(i hope) okay, 
put the gui global into the sprite folder
put the tech1 into the tech tree folder
everything in stations into the stations folder (under odf)
everything in the ships folder into the ships (also under odf)
phasers into phasers (weapons under odf)
special weapons into special weapons (by now u should know where it goes)
if you have custom modded ships do this!

in tech tree folder open up tech 1 and type this under klingon ships
kqawhoch.odf  1 kyard2.odf 

and this under klingon special weapons

gkill.odf  0

and in the gui global type this 

under klingon build buttons
b_kqawhoch			gbkspecial		0	0	64	64

under special weapon buttons
b_gkill     	        gbborgionbeam00	0	0	64	64

and under klingon wireframes

kqawhochw1			klingwireframe02	0	96	48	48		
kqawhochw2			klingwireframe02	48	96	48	48		
kqawhochw3			klingwireframe02	96	96	48	48		
kqawhochw4			klingwireframe02	144	96	48	48		
kqawhochw5			klingwireframe02	192	96	48	48

enjoy!! please send any feedback you may have to [email protected]

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