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A small add-on of Pneumonic81's A-1 Romulan Battle Cruiser (RBC) SOD with retexturing for more of a Romulan look.


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A small add-on of Pneumonic81's A-1 Romulan Battle Cruiser (RBC) SOD with retexturing for more of a Romulan look.

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Romulan battleship
by Twitch -simdoktor@aol.com

I used the sod from Pneumonic81's RBC but changed the color.  Instead of the stark white 
that looked more Fed than Rom the greens are more appropriate.  It is scaled as a larger 
battleship than the Warbird.  I like to have one larger battleship for each race.  I try
to replace current ones rather than add new ones since it affects the AI in the game with
getting through the build list with many extra ships- it never finishes and later things on a 
long build list never get built.

I made this the Terminator Class to replace Rbattle.  The Rbattle2 was such a dud I kicked 
it out and put the standard Warbird there as Rbattle2.  All you need to do after backing up 
your files is to delete Rbattle2.odf and Rbattle2.sod and rename the Rbattle.odf and 
Rbattle.sod to Rbattle2. Now the Warbird will build in place of the Venator. Certainly you 
do not have to add it this way and can simply make it an extra ship.

Drop in the included Rbattle.odf and Rbattle.sod files in the folders and the Terminator
will build in place of the Warbird and you don't need to mess with adding to the AI build

The Rbattle.bmp for the bitmaps/admiralsLog/shipImages folder is included so you can dump
the original Venator Rbattle2.bmp and rename the Warbird's image to that so everything 
shows correctly in debriefing.

Weapons included are an ample start but you can change them if you want.  

You can open the zip file in a non-game folder and drag the files to their proper locations 
in the game after backing up any files you need to. Remove these files and rename the 
Rbattle2 stuff to Rbattle and replace the Venator files to go back to standard.

Included to go in the folders named below- 4 files:





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