Realistic Bases 1.3

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Realistic Bases Mod 1.3 
by 8472pinkblobs

This is my Third and final Version of my Realistic Bases Mod.


just copy the .odf files and paste in the STArmada2/odf/stations folder

Changes in this version are

-Cost Down to 7500 Dilithium 15000 metal (7500 Dilithium 12500 Metal for Cardassians)
-Build Time down to 5 minuter from 10 minutes.
-8472 Mothership no longer recives bonus Hullpoints.
-several other small changes

Racial Bonuses

8472: Extra Weapons (no more 15000 bonus HullPoints)
Romulan: Increased Sheild Reacharge Rate
Klingon: Pulse and torpedo weapon upgrades
Federation: Extra Weapons
Cardassian: Cheaper -2500 Metal
Borg: +1000 Crew Capacity 10 less officers required

Any Problems Report To Me At

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