"Realistic" Star Trek balance modification



As the name suggests, this modifies the strengths of the ships to be more realistic to how things were in Star Trek, as seen in the series/films.




Thank you for downloading. This will add afew nice changes to the borg and the Federation, i will soon release a full version changing all sides, and afew more to the ones included in this file.

you may NOT post this file on your website without contacted me via privete message first. You may NOT modify these files without my approval.

Installation instructions:

Simply copy and paste files into the correct catagory. ODF-Ships and copy the ships, Odf-Other to copy races, and SOD to copy the 2 models. If it asks you to overwrite anything, just say "Yes to all". Please note that this will make your game incompatable with others not using the modifcation. if you would to  have this and still play MP, tell others about the mod and show them where to download it, or BEFORE installing, copy your original armada 2 file, and then go to whitchever copy you want, modded or unmodded.

Credits: My dad for letting me use the computer :)

Known bugs and notes:

Fusion cubes are gone, ''realistic'' star trek means real stuff.

The incursion class the federation starts with has the holo generator, but only works with free tech setting, i hope to fix this in a later version

locutus's cube on the borgs ide is... erm... incomplete, i can't get it to work :/ however, i left it in to balance the 2 sides a little more, and yuo can still decommision it for the crew and resources.(trust me, you will need the crew)

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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