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An Exellent model, as always, by Captian Fingers :)


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An Exellent model, as always, by Captian Fingers :)

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Regula one station version 2

HISTORY: version one of the regula station was a less accurate model and a texture that i did not like and hence i did not use it my self!

version two should be a more accurate model with a much better texture! 

This is not a mod for armada 2 but does contain a replacement model for armada 2!
there is an odf file,a build button This is a replacement for the federation base ~1900 polys!

This zip file contains the regula station, two textures (High and low) with alpha channel.

put the sod in the sod directory and the pictures in TEXTURES/RGB and the odf in the odf stations directory  

There is only high res and low res included-remove low from low res texture and put into rgb to get working!

You don't need to edit the gui_global.spr or to get the model in game!

if u want a new wireframe you will have to do it your self as i have not got the foggiest!   

If you wish to use this model in your own mod you can! there would be little point in me making it otherwise! 

All the modeling credits go to captain fingers (err thats me)

The texture involved edits of a renders of a cgi model by Rick "Hobbes" Snider.

email capt fingers at:   

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