Romulan Base and Shrike Kitbash



Awesome kitbash work here from Icewolf --a new Romulan starbase and a revised model for the Shrike class destroyer.

Something new for Romulan fans.... that doesn't happen every day! and the MS3D files are included, too! Bonus!

Worth a look.




Romulan Base and Shrike Kitbash, V1.0

These are new models for the Stock Romulan Base and Shrike, kitbashed from the stock Base and Warbird models. They use the stock UI graphics though, but I have included the MS3D files for those interested.


0. Credits
1. Installation
2. System Requirements
3. Online Multiplayer
4. Known Issues
5. Disclaimer
6. Contact
7. Distrubtion/Authorised download mirrors
8. Third party use

0 - Credits

Activision/Maddoc - Original mesh and textures.

Icewolf132- Mesh and texture edits.

And I'd like to thank the Armada II Files staff for the readme template.

1 - Installation

Just extract the contents of the zip into your Armada 2 directory (Default; C:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek Armada II), and overwrite if asked.

2 - System Requirements

Same as stock Armada 2.

3 - Online Multiplayer

Since this edits the ODF files, you will not be able to use this on multiplayer unless you and other players have the same modifications installed.

4 - Known Issues

None known, if any are found please contact me.

5 - Disclaimer


6 - Contact

I can be contacted by email at stevewolf87_at_gmail_dot_com. You can also contact me by PMing Icewolf132 on armada2files.com or Icewolf on altairtechandgaming.com.

7 - Distribution/hosting & Commercial use

If you are interested in hosting this file or distributing it in any manner then please contact me.

Hosting, or any other form of distribution is hereby forbidden without prior written permission. The use in Armada II Modifications is allowed as per section 8 below.

8 - Third party use
Lastly, you may use this in your mod if you wish it, under the condition that you give credit for the original work where it's due.

All other rights are reserved. This CAN be used outside of the Armada II community without prior permission, but as said above credit must be given for the original work where it is due.

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