Romulan P'Vash and S'Vash Cruisers



Excellent....two new cruisers for the Star Empire and too fantastic ones at that. Introducing the P'Vash and S'Vash Cruisers from Avon. Both model and texture qualities are brilliant and are worth having in game.The P'Vash is designated as a versatile, mid-range attack ship designed to support the larger warbirds. Often used for escort missions and border patrol. The S'Vash Class Heavy Cruiser is a refit of the standard P'Vash, with improved shielding and additional weaponry. This well armed vessel is an ideal cheap alternative to the larger warbirds, and packs almost as much firepower.

Both are practically the same except the "neck" module connecting the bridge or head of the ship to the main hull is different. The aft or main hull of both ships is pretty class to be honest. The shape and design is definitely Romulan, the only odd looking part beging the platform on the topside of the aft which is not seen on many Romulan ships but then again there is a first for everything. This topside platform looks well and definitely adds to the feel and look of the vessels. Flanking this module is two blank hull areas with what could be two shuttle bay doors, although there appears to be one main door at the very back of the ship. The two differentiating hulls are not too disimilar. The P'Vash has a neck that is similar to the Griffin Class, while the S'vash's counterpart does not contain the twin "necks" design..

All in all, a great set of ships.. Get these now




P'Vash and S'Vash Romulan Cruisers - FOR ARMADA 2


INSTALLATION --------------

Place the 2 sod files: pvash.sod and svash.sod, in your sod folder

Place the 2 odf files: pvash.odf and svash.odf, in your odf/ships folder.

Locate a suitable yard to build them from (eg ryard2) from within your odf/stations folder.
Add the following as the next two lines in your construction parameters:

buildItem4 = "pvash"
buildItem5 = "svash"

Locate the file er_ncomb from within your odf/other folder.
Add the following two lines to the list:

item6 = "pvash"
item7 = "svash"

This will make the new ships available in the map editor. (you will find them under romulan non-combatant)


Add the following two files to your bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder:

pvash.bmp and svash.bmp

Add the following 7 files to your textures/RGB folder:



Locate your gui_global file from within your sprite folder. 
Add the following at the end of the federation build buttons:

b_pvash		gbpvash			0	0	64	64
b_svash		gbsvash			0	0	64	64	

Next scroll down to where it says:

# Ship Wireframes

Underneath this add the following:


pvashw1		rfw1		0	0	128	128
svashw1		rfw1		128	0	128	128


Locate your fulltech file from within your techtree folder.
Add the following:

pvash.odf	 0
svash.odf	 0

repeat this with the file named tech1.



Meshes: Built by Avon
Based on original models: by LC Amaral
Model design: by Raven Night
Textures: Created by LC Amaral
Texture editing and mapping: by Avon
Odfs, buttons, and all other stuff: Avon
Research, ideas, guidance, and dohnuts: From Tycoon

These ships were built for people to enjoy. If you want to re-release my models in any form 
that is ok, but you MUST give credit to me (Avon) 
and especially Raven Night and LC Amaral for the original work.

This is a freeware mod and not to be used for commercial gain. You instal this mod at your own risk.


Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager 
(and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, 
related images, and sound from those productions. TM & (C) ACTIVISION & PARAMOUNT PICTURES


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