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Tain_Enabran aka heavycruiser1701 brings us a mod that you don't see every day, a new weapon to bolster the Romulan's cloak and dagger policy in Armada 2! :) Based on the Cardassian Plasma Bank (from the Keldon) and using elements of the SFC Romulan Plasma weapon this is a pretty good mod. It's a special weapon that will most definitely hurt your opponents due to it's damagebase being at 1,000, which is balanced if you think of it in the context of SFC3 where the Plasma weapon could do alot of damage. The colour and ordinance of the weapon is good and it does look good ingame but I think it should look more like the actual Plasma weapon from SFC3. Still it's nicely done and should be downloaded to give your Romulans a bit of an edge.!






This is a new weapon based on the Cardassian Keldon plasma bank from armada 2. This weapon is more impressive than the plasma bank
but launches a beautiful typical green fireball of Romulan origin that can destroy several ships in one shot. The plasma torpedo is
best seen on D'deridex class and Norexan class Warbirds. The weapon makes them powerful allies or opponents in combat. Have fun!


-> put these files in the correct folder:

wplasmatorp.tga--> RGB
wplasmatorp_2.tga--> RGB
gbplasmat.tga--> RGB


-> open the 'weapon.SPR' file and insert below this line:

	# Plasma Bank Overload
	cPlasmaOverload	wPlasmabank	64	0	32	32	@anim=photanim

-> that line:

	# Plasma Bank Overload
	rPlasmaOverload	wPlasmatorp	64	0	32	32	@anim=photanim

-> open the 'gui_global.SPR' file and insert below this:

	# Special weapon buttons


-> that line:

	b_gplasmatorp			gbplasmat	0	0	64	64


-> put this file in the correct folder:

plasmaTorp.wav--> effects


-> put these files in the correct folder:

gplasmatorp.odf--> special_weapons
plasmatorpo.odf--> special_weapons

-> open one Romulan ship ODF, for example, the 'rbattle.odf' file and insert these lines
(replace # by the next weapon number):

	// Romulan Plasma Torpedo
	weapon# = &quot;gplasmatorp&quot;
	weaponHardpoints# = &quot;hp01&quot;


-> open the 'fulltech.TT' and 'tech1.TT' files and insert this under the Romulan special weapons section:

	gplasmatorp.odf 0

IMPORTANT!!! Don't forget to make a complete back up of your old files if your game is modified yet!


torpedo original textures (green-plasma.bmp) : SFC 3 (Taldren, Activision) modified by Tain_Enabran
original weapon odf : Keldon plasma bank (gplasmabank and plasmabanko) : ArmadaII (Activision) modified by Tain_Enabran
original weapon sound (PLSDisc6.wav) : SFC 1 (Interplay, 14°East) renamed by Tain_Enabran
weapon button : Tain_Enabran using plasma texture
screenshots : Tain_Enabran

screenshots ships samples :

	-Norexan class Valdore : SSA-Apocalypse-Romulan ships package
	-Klingon outpost : by Gavin1701 (Taldren, Activision)
	-Dominion Ultimate patch 1.4 (Breen side)

This mod can be modified for another one, so use this as you wish! ;)

Contact : [email protected]
Author: Tain_Enabran (it's me ;))

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