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This is a ship pack that adds two new ships to the Romulans. Well, not EXACTLY new, as the ships are possible 24th Century refits of the Romulan Bird of Prey and Stormbird (or Romulan D7 Battlecruiser). If you like old things in a more modern appearence, then this is for you.

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Romulan Reborn Legends by VenerableDread

This ship pack adds possible 24th Century refits of the classic Romulan Bird of Prey and Stormbird (or Romulan D7) that we all know and love. Well, almost.

Around the 22nd-23rd Century, the Romulan Bird of Prey is one of the main warships in the Romulan Star Empire. It has been reintroduced to the Romulan fleet in the late 24th Century due to growing threats against the Romulans and it's hull and weaponry has been refitted heavily to the extreme. It currently serves the role of heavy destroyer.

Designated as the Vas'kalabam-class, the Stormbird has been recently reintroduced to the Romulan fleet due to growing threats from enemies outside the Romulan Star Empire. Based on the old 23rd Century D7 design, it's hull and weaponry has been heavily modified since it's reintroduction, although not as much as the Romulan Bird of Prey.

1. Extract all files to their respective folders.

2. Find the file gui_global.spr in the sprites directory and add the lines in their
   respective places.

   Under Romulan build buttons:
   b_rstormbird			gbrstormbird	0	0	64	64
   b_rbop			gbrbop		0	0	64	64

   Under Romulan wireframes:
   rstormbirdw1                	RstormbirdW	0	0	64	64
   rbopw1			RbopW		0	0	64	64

3. Find the file ryard.odf and add the following under the last build item.
   buildItemX = "rbop"
   buildItemX = "rstormbird"
   NOTE: X is the number after the last thing the Shipyard can build.

4. Find and edit all relevant techtree files and add the following lines in the
   respective files and their respective places.

   tech1.tt, nospweap.tt & earlytech.tt:
   // ***[ ROMULAN SHIPS ]**********************
   rbop.odf     1 ryard.odf                       // destroyer (romulan bird of prey)
   rstormbird.odf 2 ryard.odf rresear.odf         // cruiser (stormbird class)
   rbop.odf 0
   rstormbird.odf 0

5. Play the game as the Romulans and RAPE THEM ALL with modern day versions of your
   favourite classics! And I don't lie. :P

VenerableDread (me, duh), for making this fun little mod
Activision, for all resources used

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