Romulan Shuttle



The Romulan Shuttlecraft (what appears to be a kitbash of the stock units), this ship was seen in DS9 (and possibly elsewhere). Though not one to take on a Cube, this can be seen to add a little fun (possibly with screenshots)?



This is a Romulan Shuttle for Armada 2.  Basically just a retexture and rescale of the Romulan
assualt ship.  It is cannon with what the shuttle that was seen on Star Trek Deep
Space Nine.  The weapons I had to guess at, it basically has the romulan scout ship's
pulse disruptor, and cloaking device.  The modification of the stock texture, sod,
odf,the admirals log pic, and new button are all made by me, Defiantnxnx. I did not make
a new wireframe because the assault wireframe works for me.  Just add these lines:

rshuttlew1			romwireframe02	0	192	48	48		
rshuttlew2			romwireframe02	48	192	48	48		
rshuttlew3			romwireframe02	96	192	48	48		
rshuttlew4			romwireframe02	144	192	48	48		
rshuttlew5			romwireframe02	192	192	48	48

in the wireframe section of the gui_global.spr file for that wireframe.
Add this:
b_rshuttle              gbrshuttle   0     0     64    64
in the romulan buttons section of the gui_global.spr file for the button.
THe rest is all pretty basic the .bmp goes in the admirals log folder the .sod in the sod folder
and the odfs in the odf folder.

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