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This is Mr. Matt's first mod in a while, RSS: Trek Authentic. Matt used accurate figures taken from raw data directly from the Daystrome Ins...


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This is Mr. Matt's first mod in a while, RSS: Trek Authentic. Matt used accurate figures taken from raw data directly from the Daystrome Institute Techical Library ( This makes for a much more cannon gameplay, and is a must have for any real Star Trek fanatic, after a much more "Star Trek World" style of gameplay.

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RSS: Trek Authentic
ODF Replacement by Matt-el-G


Acknowledgements: - the starship comparasons, all focussing around the generic '1000' Galaxy-class rating, helped me scale the ships as accurately as possible, as well as providing details on the exact shield strenghts and weapon loadout.

8of5, for his Assimilatable cloak which is used in this mod to add that touch of authenticity. I mean, if the Borg wanted to assimilate and use a cloak, why couldn't they? (e-mail:

While its not really the same .odf anymore, I feel oblidged to thank shadow_class, as the original .odf was his 'Super Defiant', which I've modified a little. (e-mail:

Also come some upgraded .odfs for the Hutet (by Zorg), the Dauntless (by P81) and the Norway (by Deemon). More details further down. If you don't know who they are, you obviously don't pay any attention to anything.

Introduction/Brief Description:

This is a full rework of the original Rescaled Ships And Stations mod, circa V1.2. Now dubbed 'RSS' for short, version 2 is only classed as version 2 because it is totally different.

In this mod I have used accurate figures taken from raw data directly from the Daystrome Institute Techical Library ( The figures provided under the 'starship' sections are all based on the Galaxy class, which is measured 1000 for all stats. When feeding this data right into the .odfs instead of assuming the hull integrities, shield strenghts etc, this data accurately scales the ships against the Galaxy class. For example, a ship with stronger shields would measure above 1000, a ship with weaker shields would measure below 1000. This data is perfect for use in these .odf codes. As a result, you are holding (or storing) what is potentially the most accurate Trek similation possible with the Armada II engine. Each vessel has the same number of weapons banks they do in reality (or fiction, as it is). When seperated the Galaxy class can utilise its 12 phaser banks, for instance. I'm aware that the DITL isn't strictly considered canon, but its pretty accurate and has some back-stage info, so its a good base to go from.

This mod also features some varied tweaks and alterations to the original. Self-destruct and tractor beams are avaliable on all classes of ship capable of supporting it, as before. All Klingon and Romulan vessels have the ability to cloak, not just a select few. Nearly all major Borg vessels have access to the regeneration and transwarp special weapons, and have increased power banks to accomodate mass-assimilations.

Species 8472 have much more powerful weapons. While only a single-beam weapon on the battleship, it is strong enough to destroy a small vessel outright, and take down the shields of a larger vessel in one or two shots. Any stronger would have resulted in unfair gaming should enough people download this for it to be used in multiplayer. To counter, it is much easier to disable 8472 weapons than any other race, and their refire rate has been reduced by half on some models, more than half on others. (BTW, the strongest weapon is the spbphas.odf, the 8472 Battleship beam weapon, and this is installed on one or two other ships).

Beware the Borg! The only thing lacking now is the ability to adapt to weapons! They are EXTREMELY RESILIENT with appropriate hull ratings taken from the DITL. Their weapons have not been upgraded since last mod (apart from anything else, no-one knows exactly how many weapons a Borg ship should have anyway). You'll also note that the previously mighty Warbird has been toned down a little. It has far more powerful weapons banks, like many ships in this version, but its shields and hull integrity are more 'realistically' scaled, and you can cause damage to them without having to knock down their shields first.

You'll find many new features in this mod, many of which you can't control. But I've always tried to find a way to balance them effectively. And no, the Chronaton torpedo mod isn't going to happen, so it isn't bundled in here.

Some ships have been scaled in terms of size. You'll note the Vor'cha is slighly larger now, approaching the length of a Galaxy class. The Romulan Warbird is almost twice the length of a Galaxy (I calcualted that one to some degree of accuracy). The Negh'var (I think, it was done in a previous mod and I simply salvaged some .odfs, save me making copies of the originals) is slighly bigger too. I intended to increase the size of the Borg vessels, but its simply not possible. I mean play-wise, its not possible. If you even found a spot big enough for the Borg Advanced yard, you wouldn't find a spot to keep the cubes. I tried, its impractical.

Also used are several .odfs from other mods (credited above). No models, by the way, just odfs for those which I felt have a place here. If you don't have the models, the odfs will just sit redundant. If you do have the models, make sure you install them first as this needs to overwrite some files to bring the canon weapons into play. It comes with shipyards modified to produce them, and doesn't overwrite the techtree.

For those of you willing to read it, you'll find a brief summary of all the ships with their general changes in the 'starship_listings.txt' file. Its quite long and includes a little story for each ship (from the perspective of the owning race). Those of you who have no access to books/don't know any decent internet sites and would like to know more about the ships, you might find some useful information here, though all the numbers relating to shield integrities and hull integrities are Armada 2 hitpoint numbers, not data from the Trek universe. Still, some vessels have info about their development, the Cardassian ships have launch dates, and other stuff. And those of you who already know this stuff, you might want to read it to see what general modifications I've made to each individual class of ship without having to open each individual .odf file. Though I guess you could always play my mod.

Also, weapons power has been lowered a lot. Though some torpedoes retain or only drop a little below their original damage values (torpedoes are significantly more powerful than phasers, now the advantage is obvious), beam weapons for most races have lost a good deal of hitpoints to account for the increased number of weapons banks they have. They have been lowered so that even a ship with 12 phaser banks will deal only minor damage to another ship of an equivilent class, increasing the length of ship-to-ship battles. The Borg weapons have been lowered a lot too, but are still incredibly powerful, and 8472 weapons are very, very high, even their artillery, as described above.
Along with weapons decreases, some special weapons (those which do damage) have seen increases. A chain reaction pulsar, for example, did absolutely nothing to the shields of even a low-class Cardassian vessel, because of all the increases. Now it should do at least some moderate damage to an enemy shield, a little more than a quantum torpedo on the first hit. Many other weapons and 'waves' have seen increases too.

Some very minor changes to their warp speeds of vessels; the Sovereign class now has the highest warp rating of all conventional warp ships (Borg don't count, their transwarp and fast recharge times illiminates the need for warp travel, really), with the Intrepid class close behind. The Defiant class has lost some warp speed, and now travels at a comparatively accurate speed. Though none of the warp changes have come as a result of canon information (though my judgement was based on it, there were no real transferable figures), I reckon that they're pretty accurate, if you even notice them.

The planets and moons... to accomodate for the increases in required resources, the resources of mines (excluding latinum mines - you'll have to start trading!) have been doubled. Their collection times have been put up by 2 units/second each, not much (an effort to stop people building heavy cruisers early on) but enough. I would advise using 'infinite moons/planets' option in 'advanced' for this mod though, the ships are resource intensive.

And finally, the stations now have quite heavy shields to compensate for the increased weapons capacities of the ships. A full battlestation can (as DS9 shows) take down many, many enemy ships before falling to their weapons. Now you'll need quite large fleets to take down an enemy base. (Versus AI I found I could win with a handful of ships, hardly realistic). While a starbase only actually has 5 additional pulse weapons, and these too have seen power reductions, their shields are in the tens of thousands, making them highly durable.

Installation Instructions:

Using the WinZip Wizard, simply point the extractor at the HDD your Armada II is installed on, and it should install automatically. If not, manually unzip and drag the folders to their appropriate places (e.g. the 'odf' folder should overwrite an existing 'odf' folder.

I'd say make backups of everything that's to be overwritten, but as you can just reinstall the game to erase this mod, there is little point in backing anything up other than save games. Please remember, I've scanned this mod with the latest (as of 27th April 2003) version of Norton Antivirus, so any virus or bug that gets in there has nothing to do with me. Unless the bug is something to do with my work, in which case contact me.


This mod was made and successfully tested on the following system spec:

Clean Install Armada 2 V1.1
2Ghz '2400+' AMD Athlon XP
512MB DDR-400 RAM
128MB-DDR GeForce 4 Ti4200 AGP 8x
Soundblaser Audigy Soundcard
20GB 5400RPM Quantum Fireball Hard Drive, 120GM 7200RPM Western Digital 'Caviar' Hard Disk
40X CD-Rom
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP1

I ran this mod with details on full on the above spec with no trouble at 1024 X 768 resolution, on the large, detailed, 'Homes' map. Those of you with slower computers, note that there is a hell of a lot more weapons-fire in this mod than the standard Armada II. Its likely to cause some slow-down on older computers, especially in larger battles.

Please note that this version of the mod has not been tested with the full single player campaign, just random missions. While the other mods were quite excellent and added a significant challenge, this one may be a step too far for the campaign...

Known Bugs:

None major. None at all. Nada. This game shouldn't crash, at least not as a result of my work. I've tested every aspect, every weapons bank, every special weapon, and every ship and station there is, in all types of scenario, and on my system they worked fine. I would advise against using infinite resources though, *especially* with fast build activated, because even my fairly high spec was overwhelmed when AI pumped out ship after ship until the frame rate was actually in minus numbers:D.

PLEASE NOTE: Its only thanks to the fact the attachment I sent to A2files was apparently corrupt that I can resend with this info in: Don't try and make a fusion cube or tactical fusion cube for now!!! It crashes your game as if there were a problem with the .odf!!! If there is anyone remotely literate in ODF reading this far down, please could you point out what is wrong with the two odfs bbattle3.odf and bbattle4.odf, because I've looked through them a couple of times and can't find a single error. If you can't see the problem, it doesn't matter, I've had the problem with a couple of ships before and corrected it, I would just like to know WHY!!! I haven't corrected it now because of time limitations, but I'll be posting a patch in a few days. Just don't use either for now.

There are some minor niggles, though. Some starbases have been scaled up in size (all starbases, and one or two shipyards) and this could cause problems when starting a game near a planet. Don't worry, the starbase will move slightly to fit, but it could be disorientating at times.

People with low system specs (not sure, I'd suggest 1Ghz processor w/ 512mb RAM & a 64mb gfx card or higher for optimal performance, but thats just an educated guess) might suffer a little. There will be a lot of phaser fire being thrown around in major battles especially, which could slow you system down. Till I figure out a way to stop all the weapons banks from firing at the same time, but instead have them fire from the appropriate canon arc when it is in range, then I guess you'll just have to lower the details and/or resolution if its bad. A2 isn't that pretty anyway, it shouldn't matter ;).

Your save games should work, though all your ships will appear heavily damaged :D. The save game won't take into account the increase in maximum hitpoints and shield strengths, so all ships and stations will retain their original hitpoints, appearing damaged. 

I can't think of any more right now. You should be able to play it smoothly on an average spec computer, with only minor 'niggles'. If I do find any more bugs, serious or otherwise, I'll post them on a forum or the comments section and get to work on a patch to fix them (if possible).


He he, I know its not necessary, but it makes this read-me look good ;)

If this mod completely screws up your system, or contains a virus, its not my fault and I take absolutely no responsibility for it. You download at your own risk. I have tested all the files inside for viruses and stability and found them to be fine, if you don't blame a faulty download or something, not me.


Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Armada 2, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next eneration, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

This mod took me hours to make, not the coding, but the balancing of it. You can modify it for your own use by all means, but if you make a change to it that you intend to put up for download or just share with mates, I would like you to ask me first, and maybe show me what you've done so I can learn something...

Ship Backgrounds/New Stats:

-The United Federation of Planets
<<See 'starship_listings.txt' for full info on Starfleet and its ships>>>
Federation Starships the best balanced in the game, capable of giving and taking a beating. As such their ships are among the most expensive, posessing few light cruisers or destroyers to build up a fast, cheap army. They also take longer to build because of their complexity.

-The Klingon Empire
<<See 'starship_listings.txt' for full info on Klingons and their ships>>>
Klingon ships are heavily dependant upon their heavy weapons, and sacrifice shields to do so. Slightly cheaper and quicker to build than Starfleet vessels due to the decrease in shields but substancial increase in weapons. Take less time because they focus on weapons rather than intricate sciences, meaning they are less complex.

-Romulan Star Empire
Reliant on surprise tactics, the Romulans sacrifice slightly more shielding than the Klingons, but maintain a high complement of weapons. More light cruisers than the Klingons. Romulan ships are slightly less expensive and time consuming than Klingon ships, making them the second cheapest, but second-most lightly armoured, in the game.

-Cardassian Union
Cardassian ships and weapons are inferior to other races - due to age and restrictions imposed upon them after their defeat in the Dominion War. As such, all ships are extremely cheap and quick to produce, and only require half as many officers.

Most complex, heavily armoured and shielded units in the game make the Borg the most expensive and time consuming, posessing few light cruisers or destroyers to build quickly and cheaply.

-Species 8472
Have the most powerful weapons in the game. Refire rate reduced on all upgraded weapons to balance, but still highly destructive. Most 8472 ships heavily shielded. 

Future Ideas:

-Allowing the Federation to utilise two special units. The Incursion class, like a special class of ship, OR the Federation HQ (the one from the SP campaign, looks like a spacedock), which would be modified to be a heavy battlestation, though extremely expensive and time consuming, it would be the ultimate defensive weapon. As a special unit for the Federation.

-Allowing each race to have one hero ship per random game (rebuildable if destroyed, just only allowed one at a time). For example, the Federation would get the Enterprise. The Klingons would get Martok. The Borg would get the Queen.

-Figuring out a way to get the weapons to fire from their reletive axis (I'm looking for image files showing the hardpoints for all the stock ships, if anyone has/knows of any, please e-mail me, it'd help a great deal), rather than have all the weapons fire at once from the same weapons bank. I would need to have the afore mentioned hardpoint images (I have one for the Galaxy, and one for the Venture, but I couldn't limit their weapons arcs without making them more vulnerable). That way, when a ship turned, it could use the right amount of weapons each way. For example, when the enemy is to the starboard of the Galaxy class, it can potentially fire four phasers at once, when facing forward it can only fire 2, 3 at most). Anyone help me out with those image files?

P.S. Sorry for the size of this readme, I just wanted to cover everything :D You think this is big, check out the Starship_listings.txt file bundled with this one...

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