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This is the beginning of the Star Trek Borg Incursion II Mod (Directly quoted from other readme) INFORMATION This current beta adds...


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This is the beginning of the Star Trek Borg Incursion II Mod (Directly quoted from other readme)

INFORMATION This current beta adds the Section 31 addon to the current federation side. Nothing on the original federation side has been changed in this beta, but the following Section 31 vessels, and stations have been added (this list below gives also shows the current tech tree setout):

STARBASE - Now builds Section 31 Construction vessel The construction vessel uses 4 worker bees, and whilst using the same construction techniques as the normal federation construction vessel, is armed and can travel at warp. It can also build some standard federation structures and the Section 31 shipyard.

SECTION 31 SHIPYARD - Build the Section 31 vessels Although this shipyard can build it does not repair. I've gone with a more regular feel to the shipyard and hope that it will set the actual station apart from the others. It should also, by rights, have a rotating satelite dish, for detecting purposes.


  • Valour Class - Designated as a heavy scout. Minimal build/resource time/cost. Also minimal crew designated.
  • Tengen Class - Light Destroyer type, which bears a similair resemblance to the Miranda class. This class is actually more of a replacement.
  • Arumaan Class - Light Cruiser. Larger than the Tengen and more heavily armed this class costs significantly more, but is somwhat faster when travelling at top speeds.
  • Spectre Class - Destroyer. Fast and manouverable, but lighly armoured/shielded the Spectre is used primarily for hit and run attacks.
  • Sentinel Class - Defense Cruiser. As the type suggests this class is used primarily for defending sensitive targets. It also can be used to aid turrets in a mobile defense position.
  • Shadow Class - Advanced Cruiser. Cloakable, the Shadow class has the abilty to slip into an enemy base undetected.
  • Dallas Class - Torpedo Cruiser. Although armed with the standard phasers of most Section 31 classes, the Dallas also carries twin Tri-cobalt, area effective, torpedos. These torpedos carry a faster recharge time than normal Tri-cobalts, and as such can create severe problems for even the largest of enemy vessels and stations.
  • Deimos Class - Heavy Cruiser. Heavier shields and armour make this a good all round vessel.
  • Banshee Class - Tactical Destroyer. Smaller than normal vessels this class still packs quite an impressive array of weapons, and carries much better shields than other types.
  • Diablo Class - Heavy Battleship. Using a twin engineering hulls the Diablo is a huge vessel, with a massive amount of firepower, and is nearly always deployed as a front line vessel.
  • Akisato Class - Dreadnought. Power, speed, impressive weaponery are what this class is about. It has the ability to cause any enemy vessel problems when in combat and should never be underestimated.
  • Shakuras Class - BattleCruiser. A good combination of weapons and speed give this class the edge in most combat. Its speed alone is sometimes enough to keep enemy vessels at bay.
  • Kaleb Class - Command Battleship. A recent addition to the Section 31 side, this design was taken from schematics of the "USS Dauntless
  • NX - 01A" when the USS Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant. Using alot of the similair technologies the Dauntless had, Section 31 Starship Development Centre managed to finetune the design to include a working Slipstream. This was made available due to the sleek design and inverted warp nacelles.

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Download 's31beta_major_payne.zip' (7.26MB)


Simply double click the main Executable contained in this Zipfile. Then check the install directory as it will not represent the default directory that Star Trek Armada 2 is installed to. If all goes well then once installed the files should be placed in their correct directories. If this doesn't work then install the mod to your desktop and manually place the files in the corresponding directories contained in your Armada 2 main directory.

(Note - Any files installed to your Armada 2 directories will have any original versions backuped into a new folder)

Enter your Armada 2 directory and locate the UNWIZE.EXE file. Double click this to uninstall the mod and return your game to its original state (provided the installer, installed all files to your Armada 2 directory). Alternatively, run the Add/Remove Programs program from your Control Panel and scroll down until you see the entry for the Section 31 Addon Beta. Double click this to uninstall the mod.

Be advised that whilst this project is by no means complete, the model files (Denoted by the .SOD extension), as compatible with Star Trek Armada 1. Any texture file without the _B added part to the filename are also compatible. Build buttons, whilst being compatible may require alteration so they look the same as the original Armada 1 build buttons. ODF files contianed in this Beta, will most likely not work due to the differences. Hardpoints are layed out in the main ODF's and can be copied/pasted into the Armada 1 ODF files. Hardpoint maps for ALL but hte construction vessel, and shipyard, are available. For these you will need to contact me either via ICQ (60849083) or by EMAIL (mapayne@ntlworld.com).

Anyway, any feedback, good or bad is welcome, and ENJOY!!!!

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