SA-43 Hammerhead fighter



A new fighter from mikemckeon007--- it must be a Viper or a Cylon Raider, you say? Sorry, friend, guess again.

Back in the days before Battlestar Galactica, when Captain Sisko of Deep Space Nine was still a commander, before Farscape and Firefly and all those other lovely, gritty, "dark" science fiction dramas, there was a show. It was awesome. It was set in the near future aboard a bad-ass battleship of the stars named the Saratoga. And it was called Space: Above and Beyond.

Now, for those of you young'uns who have never heard of this series before, your appreciation of this model of the SA-43 Hammerhead fighter used by the Marine pilots in that series is probably going to be limited. It is the strongest recommendation that you had best go and find out what this bad bird is all about by watching S:AAB from start to finish.

For those of you who remember S:AAB, you'll no doubt get quite a kick out of seeing the Hammerhead in action in your A2 build just as soon as you can press the "download now!" button. Once again, it is the strongest recommendation that you had best do that. Right now.

Seriously awesome work from mikemckeon007 here. Hopefully some Chig fighters and maybe the Saratoga herself might follow?




all credits are in the readme file all i did was convert it to armada WITH PERMISSION OF COURSE

put the odf's,textures,baitmaps and sod's into the corresponding folder

after you have done that go to the sprites folder.
open your gui_global file and put the following lines into it

b_sa43      gbsa43    0    0   64   64

scroll down to the wireframes and insert the following

sa43w1              wfsa43            320      0       160     160      
sa43w2              wfsa43            0        160     160     160      
sa43w3              wfsa43            160      160     160     160      
sa43w4              wfsa43            160      0       160     160      
sa43w5              wfsa43            0        0       160     160      

after you have done that go to the techtree folder.
put the following into your tech1 and fulltech files

sa43.odf  0

and add this to whatever shipyard you want to build it from

buildItemxx = "sa43"

Add the following line to weapons sprite directly under federation pulse phaser or just use the one i included

#  Rail
rail		wpulse2		0	64	128	32

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