Sabre Class

sabre-class_by_redragon_and_apcmmkii.zip —


Although it looks a tad too "colorful," this is a nice replacement for the normal Sabre class included with the game :)



Sabre-Class for Armada2 by REDRAGON and APCMmkII

this ship was original made by REDRAGON from www.fleetyards.com
i converted it to Armada because it looked much better than the original model from A2

well to install it just 
copy all *.tga files to your textures\rgb   folder
and  the fdestroy.sod  into your  odf\ships  folder

there is no buildbutton and odf  included, because they are allready in Armada,
the one thing you might want to change in the fdestroy.odf from your \odf\ships folder
is the scale of your ship...otherwise it would look a bit huge..
just replace the excisting scalesod   with 0.5  and its just fine..

ther is a colored wireframe included..so if you're tired of the original one you might use it..
open your gui.gloabl.spr   from \sprites folder
and search for 	fdestroy2w1  
you should delete the five lines you found and goto:


# Ship Wireframes

now add these five lines and your done:

fdestroy2w1            fwdestroy2         40        0        40       40 
fdestroy2w2            fwdestroy2         0          40      40       40 
fdestroy2w3            fwdestroy2         40        40      40       40 
fdestroy2w4            fwdestroy2         80        0        40       40 
fdestroy2w5            fwdestroy2         0          0        40       40 


mesh and texture by REDRAGON

Armada-conversion by APCMmkII

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