Sabre Class Mk. 2

Ok, so the name may be wrong. This file was simply labelled as 'fdestroy2'. Having that as the file name wouldn't have looked very good i...


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Ok, so the name may be wrong. This file was simply labelled as 'fdestroy2'. Having that as the file name wouldn't have looked very good in my opinion. Regardless, this is what looks to be a Sabre Class retrofit. It shares the same sort of design, though visible changes can be seen.

The nacelles for example aren't as close to the saucer as they are 'suppose' to be, and the saucer itself has changed from a circular shape, to more of a eight sided object? Still, whilst not the Sabre as we know it, this is an interesting take on the model, and I'm sure it'll take.

- Ash

Yes, this version does allow you to actually play it :p

Whilst I'm putting up this working version, just thought I'd put my own views on it. I personally really like the texture and model job. Whilst it's not Sabre, you can clearly see what it was and see it still, pretty much, is. It has a sharp edge to it, but the odf will tell you otherwise. It does exactly the same in exactly the same way, just look slightly more kick ass then before. By slightly, I mean a lot. The pictures I don't think really do it justice.

Content is the standard AM includes, that of a new admiral's pic and Borg textures to go with the new ship/textures respectively. As a stand-alone download, I'd say this was very good, but I get the distinct impression that this is just the first (figuratively, we've already had the Qeh'Ral, Negh'Var and Venator) of many stock-model re-do's, in which case, I say that I simply can't wait for them.

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Download '' (1.22MB)


Looks like a habit, when I say I always thought a particular stock modell isn't to my liking. Now I have some skills, I hope to replace one after another.
This time I took the Sabre class destroyer. I wanted a more sturdy looking ship.
It's a matter of taste, but you may like it as well.

All meshes, textures etc. are by me, except the panell effect I receated from a unknown example. 

As always: Thanks to Wrath of Achilles for his Texture Tutorial and Major A Payne for his Milkshape 3d Tutorial


Borg textures: Yacuzza
Panell effect texture: unknown

Please note:
I cannot be hold responsible for any damage or problems otherwise regarding this model. 

You may use this ship in your mod, just give credit where its do. 


Install. instructions

The files of fdestroy2 will replace the stock files, so make a backup of the ShipImage and SOD files, just in case.
The stock buildbutton and wireframe remain the same.

put the sod files into the sod folder.
and the tga into the texture RGB folder. ( I include the MS3D file for those who are interested.)

Open Bitmaps --> open Admiralslog --> open ShipImages and put the image there. (The new image will replace the stock one!)

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