To some people, number 7 is a lucky number. This map is pretty darn good. What's the connection? A 7 player map. I'm guessing though that...


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To some people, number 7 is a lucky number. This map is pretty darn good. What's the connection? A 7 player map. I'm guessing though that luck didn't create this quite nice and from information provided, large map. The map has plenty of resources, so don't worry about being starved of those. It also has quite a nice varied feeling. It's not symmetrical which probably will add a bit more fun to it.

The only problem I have with this map, a personal thing though, is that there are derelict construction ships in the centre (guarded by Species 8472 ships). Obviously, as the title suggests, salvage is the name, salvaging is the game but I never really liked doing that. Still, putting it aside, it's not too bad a map and defintely worth a try out. Besides, I'm betting it would make for some great online play.

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The files that are in this zipped collection are ingredients of a 7-player map for the PC game, "Star Trek Armada II".  The map is called, "Salvage Yard".


These are the files which are included in this zipped folder, in addition to the README file:

Unzip the these three files in to the "bzn" folder, which most likely will be located in the directory, "C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II".

Start Armada II, and select the map, "Salvage Yard".


This is an organic board;  one with slightly haphazard placement of planets, nebulas, and moons...the way that it is in nature.  Some starting points have 2 moons nearby, some have just never know.  You will not see neatly aligned grids, divided by asteroids.  Also, you don't need to mess with wormholes, if you don't want to.  There is a conduit provided for travel across this large map.  It does take some time to warp across the board, but not too much.  I like that effect.  It's like living in the country, where your next-door neighbour lives several minutes down the road.

The main attraction is the centre of the board, within a complete double circle of various nebulas.  Each ship from each of the 5 species is represented here;  all without shields or crew, just waiting for you to transport over and take over.  You can even seek out the construction (or assembler) ships and create another set of ships and stations in a different species then when you started...collect all five!  

Species 8472 is in the centre throughout the salvage yard to provide a bit of a menace.  There can be up to seven players in this game.  Enjoy.

developed by
dan o
armada at mooboo point net

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