SATOE - Star Trek Armada II .odf Editor



Here's a nice patch/re-installer for the good ODF editor done by Talyn2k5. It takes the original and makes it even better allowing mod-wannabe's to start off (or even pro's, I'm telling you, this is GOOD) by moddifying odf's into something they wish more desireable.

It is basically bigger and better then last time, fixing 3 out of 4 reported bugs (those mentioned in the beneath readme, whilst the fourth isn't such a big problem) and generally enhances it. I like the nice touch of having the buttons with ships or stations on from the game, really brings it into the Star Trek/Armada spirit of things, all this of course in a tidy .exe.

My opinion: Get it, it's very good, look's nice and seem's to work really quite well. Well done!



Armada 2 ODF Editor by Talyn2k5

This is the Beta 1.1 release of my ODF Editor. I have designed it to be as foolproof as possible but bear in mind that this is a Beta release so there are still some minor bugs, these are listed below. I am attempting to resolve these bugs and as soon as I do, I will do another Beta release.
 For this release, I have streamlined the name somewhat to SATOE (Star trek Armada Two Odf Editor). I knows its a bit of a cheat but I wanted to distinguish the program from all the other editors out there.

Known bugs from previous release:
 1. Problem reading in some craft names when there is more than one space after the equals sign. eg.
Works "possibleCraftNames = "
Doesn't work "possibleCraftNames = 	"

 *[RESOLVED, I THINK]If anyone still has problems could you please let me know.

 2. Location of last opened file is not remembered so you must navigate from the root directory every time you open a file.

 *[RESOLVED]The open file prompt will now go to the last directory which was opened.

 3. After saving a file and then re-opening it, the list of craft names sometimes does not update, or reverts any altered craft names to how there were before you edited it before the last save. This is despite the fact that the changes seem to have been applied to the file itself.
 I`m not terribly sure why this happens so this bug may be one of the last to be resolved!

 *[UNRESOLVED]This bug still exists. Unfortunately I am no closer to figuring out why this happens so I`m afraid this bug may be around for a few versions yet.

 4. When inserting a property from the library, it is possible to insert a property multiple times, resulting in a malformed ODF document.

 *[RESOLVED]When attempting to enter a property which already exists in the document, a prompt will appear stating that it already exists, when you press ok, insertion will be aborted and you will be returned to the main screen.

These are the bugs that have been discovered during testing on a WinXP Professional computer running version 1.1.4322.573 of the .Net framework.

 Please report any additional bugs to [email protected] with "ODF Editor bug report" in the subject line. Please state the nature of the error and what you were doing at the time. Also include the ODF file you were editing (if possible). Reporting errors will help me to improve the program and make this program as useful as possible for the Armada community.
 Any suggestions for improvements or new features for the program should be posted in the following thread on the FileFront forums: http://forums.filefront.com/showthread.php?t=227026

Thankyou for using the ODF Editor.



You will be requested to open a file at startup. Select the file you wish to open and it will be loaded into the main screen. In the left list all properties in the file except for craft names will be displayed. Craft names appear in the list on the right.
 To edit a property in the left-hand list just select the property, click "Edit Value", make your changes, then click "Apply Value".

 The buttons along the bottom of the form are as follows:
 1. Open existing file
 2. Backup open ODF file (the backup copy will be placed in the BACKUP directory of the editor.
 3. Save open ODF file (self explanatory)
 4. Library (open the property library, you can add any of the properties in the list to the ODF file that is currently open. To add new properties to this list, just edit the properties.xml file in the editor's directory.
PLEASE NOTE: When adding new properties to the properties.xml file, all tags must be present and the 'number/boolean/letter' property descriptor used correctly otherwise program will crash out during input validation.
 5. Exit (again, self explanatory)

To edit/delete/add a shipname:
 Craft names will display in the right hand listview of the main screen. Above the list is a count of craft names. To edit/delete a craft name, select it and right click. Select edit or delete from the menu that appears. If you selected delete then you will be asked to confirm your choice by pressing yes or no in the prompt that appears.
 If you selected edit then a prompt will appear containing the craft name you selected. Make your changes and then press ok, changes will be made

 The grey label in the bottom right hand corner will display the help for each property as you edit it. Note: Help is not available for all properties (yet)

Coding/Interface & Concept: Talyn2k5
Additional coding provided by Dennis Mosselmanns
For a list of programs used, please see 'About' by clicking on the logo at the top of the main screen.

Redistribution: This program can be redistributed anywhere as long as it is not modified and a link is given to the page where it is hosted on armada files. I have worked very hard to make this program so please do not try to claim it as your own!

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