Serpent Class - Advanced Scout

Heres an interesting modification of the stock Defiant, try the ship out while blasting some Dominion!


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Heres an interesting modification of the stock Defiant, try the ship out while blasting some Dominion!

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This ship was built by me, Eptron Omega. I took the Original Defiant mesh and modified it to come up with what you see. 
The Serpent Class is slightly smaller then the Defiant and, of coarse, has less crew/shields/cost/energy/buildtime. 
I built this mesh for the people that like the look of the defiant, but want something new, so I decided to play some 
Star Trek Starship Creator and saw a version of this design and decided I should try and make it. Well my first attemp didnt 
work as I planned, I took 9 of Nine's Original Defiant Model and tried to make the ship with that mesh as the base, but when I 
played with editing the points, the textured stretched and looked horrid. My second attept with the original A2 mesh was, however, 
the success, as you can see. All the install instructions are included in this readme, so please enjoy, any questions/concerns/comments, 
email me at

*****************Ship Information*****************
Serpent Class Federation Advanced Scout - by Epytron Omega

unitName = "Serpent Class"
tooltip = "Serpent Class - Advanced Scout"
verboseTooltip = "Shortly after the end of the Dominion War, the Federation 'aquired' the designs for the Cardassian Hideki Class 
and built the Serpent Class to be a long range advanced scout to take out any remaining Dominion threats."

Original Mesh = Maddoc
Original Textre = Maddoc
Mesh Modification = Epytron Omega
Texture Modification = Epytron OMega
Wireframe = Epytron Omega
Build Button = Epytron Omega
Admirals Log Pic = Epytron Omega
Screenshots = Epytron Omega

*****************Install Instructions*****************

Extract the files to the following locations:

fserp.odf -- odf/ships
fyard.odf -- odf/stations

fserp.SOD -- SOD

fserp.tga -- tga/rgb
fwireserp.tga -- tga/rgb
gbfserp.tga -- tga/rgb

fserp.bmp bitmaps/admiralslog/shipimages

*****************Adding it to your Techtree*****************
open up your in notepad and add this line to the end of the federation section:

fserp.odf  0

*****************Adding it to the gui_global*****************
add this line to the bottom of the federation section in the gui_global document:

b_fserp				gbfserp			0	0	64	64

and this to the section where you have all the wireframes:

fserpw1				fwireserp		0	0	48	48
fserpw2				fwireserp		48	0	48	48		
fserpw3				fwireserp		96	0	48	48		
fserpw4				fwireserp		144	0	48	48		
fserpw5				fwireserp		192	0	48	48

to uninstall, just do these steps backwards.

*****************Known Bugs*****************
None, but if you find one, please email me about it and I will fix it.

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