Shadow Warlock

Agroborg's upgraded Warlock Class available for download. :)


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Agroborg's upgraded Warlock Class available for download. :)

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Hello I Am AGROBORG , and this is my upgraded Warlock Class Destroyer, I saw this model first in Babylon 5 for Armada 2, and I tried to make a darker model with more "spikes"like a Shadow vessel, so i came up with this .
Hope you like it!!!!!!

Installation :
Odf to odf`s
Tga to RGB
Sod to sod`s
Then put the ship in you prefered shipyard.

Advances in engineering and weapons technology purchased from the Narn, combined with stolen technology from the Centauri and Dilgar, Earth scientists were able to fit the Warlock Destroyer with two Aegis class, railed particle-beam cannons - weapons of the same type used on the G.O.D defense satelites orbiting Earth. This would mean the Warlock would be Earth's first mobile defense platform with a weapon at it's disposal on par with those used by the Minbari, an engineering feat deemed impossible only a few years before.

With assistance from Shadow Thralls, the final design element of the Warlock class Heavy Destroyer was completed; the advantage that would set the Warlock apart from all other ships and make them a terror to behold... Shadow bio-organic technology.


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