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One of the more controversially purposed ships in the Star Trek universe is the ship class alternately known as either the Curry class or th...


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One of the more controversially purposed ships in the Star Trek universe is the ship class alternately known as either the Curry class or the Shelley class. A rather bizarre addition to the backdrop in "A Time To Stand" (DS9), the ship consisted of a mostly-Excelsior design (I've referred to it in the past as "an Excelsior with its head up its butt") sporting a pair of Miranda/Constitution style nacelles on the side. Things weren't helped any by a second addition of this ship, in a subsequent scene, with the nacelles in a different position, and a third appearance with the hull re-positioned to be "tucked in" a little better.

I've seen this ship, in Armada II, at least, being put to a series of uses that make it clear that nobody knows precisely what the heck this thing is for. Its long-body design, perhaps due to its reminiscence of a Great Lakes freighter, has seen it used as a cargo ship. Still others have used it as an assault transport. Also I've seen it employed as an artillery ship, apparently its overall redesign intended to mount some tricobalt or other long-range launchers. But the most prevalent idea for this ship's employment is as a through-deck carrier of the simple, kitbash variety. Something along the lines of an escort carrier, in modern naval terms.

Pizza the Hutt has done some really intensive thinking about the issue (if the readme is any indication) and given us ALL THREE variants of the vessel. That's right-- three different kitbashes in a single package deal. One of these ships, the USS Shelley ---how appropriate that one of many "Frankenstein ships" out there is named for that novel's author-- is designed as a carrier, and Pizza the Hutt supplies an old Hornet fighter from SFC days for its exclusive use. There's also the unfortunately named USS Raging Queen (its name derived from a Saturday Night Live skit that, like so much of SNL, is otherwise long forgotten), which launches Type 4 shuttlecraft (a kitbash of Pizza the Hutt's own design) and serves as an assault transport. The USS Curry that's included, well, it just fits the bill.

As with the rest of Pizza the Hutt's work, there's no lightmaps, but there are build buttons, wireframes, and other important details. This is a nice little package, and for the Starfleet completist who needs every canon or semi-canon or should-be-canon vessel out there in the mod community ---such as myself--- this mod is a must-have.

Worth a look.


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Download '' (3.78MB)

Shellley class pack by Pizza the Hutt

USS Curry
This is the ship we saw in the DS9 Episode "A time to stand".

USS Raging Queen
This Ship is modeled after a plastic model shown on the Ex Astris Scientia page.

-my versions of the Curry and the Raging Queen serve as troop transports. They can also 
 deploy Type 4 shuttlecraft.

USS Shelley
This version is how I envision the ship. I think that this ship class was built completely 
with Excelsior parts around the same time as the Excelsior class. 
The Curry and Raging Queen variants came about when those ship's nacelles
got blasted off in a Dominion attack. They were both towed back to the next starbase and
patched up with whatever parts were available. Since it took too long to replicate* 
Excelsior nacelles, the engineers in charge decided to use the nacelles of two damaged
beyond repair Mirandas.

-My version for ArmadaII serves as a carrier which can deploy small starfighters.

Hornet Starfighter
This is basically the fighter from Starfleet Command ported into Armada II.

Type 4 Shuttle
I created this shuttle to bridge the gap between the shuttles used on the refitted
Constitution class and the ones used in TNG. The Type 4 belongs to the Excelsior Class
and similar ship classes from that era (Centaur, Medusa, Shelley). 
This shuttle is a kitbash from the Type 6 shuttle from Bridge Commander. I modified the 
body of the shuttle to look like a cross between the Type3 Shuttle from STIV and the 
Type 6 shuttle from TNG. I also gave it new nacelles, which are a smaller and stubbier 
variant of those used on the Excelsior class.

Due to its small size, the shuttle can sneak between asteroids. It is also equipped with a 
powerfull tractor beam.

* You might replicate a cup of tea within fractions of a second, but I assume
something as large and complex as a starship nacelle might take a few days. Otherwise Starfleet
could crank out entire fleets in a matter of days. I guess they are replicated in smaller parts 
and then assembled in a space dock.

Known flaws: wireframe not perfect, damage textures not correct.


	Copy the files with the extension .sod into the SOD folder
	Copy the .tga files into the Textures > RGB folder
	Copy the files with the extension .odf into the ODF > ships folder
	Copy the files with the extension .bmp into the Bitmaps > Admiralslog folder

	Open the file fyard2.odf or fyard.odf (whichever shipyard you want the ship
	To be built from) and insert the line: buildItemXX = "fshelley" under 
	build Parameters below the last ship to be build
	XX being the next unused number 
        then do the same with frq and fcurry

	Save that file

	Open "tech 1" from the Techtree folder and insert this line:

	fcurry.odf      1 fyard2.odf           // Curry class 
        fshelley.odf    1 fyard2.odf	       //Shelley type variant
        frq.odf         1 fyard2.odf           //Raging Queen type variant

	Save this file, open "" and insert the following line 
	fcurry.odf 0
        fshelley.odf 0
        frq.odf 0

	Then save and open "GUI_global.spr" from the sprites folder 

	Then add this line under federation build buttons:

	b_curry       gbfcurry     0     0   64   64
	b_shelley     gbfshelley    0     0   64   64
	b_rq          gbrq    	0     0   64   64

There is a wire frame, it is not perfect, but at least there is one 
just add this line into the gui global under wireframes

	fshelleyw1			fshelleywire	0	0	48	48		
	fshelleyw2			fshelleywire	48	0	48	48		
	fshelleyw3			fshelleywire	96	0	48	48		
	fshelleyw4			fshelleywire	144	0	48	48		
	fshelleyw5			fshelleywire	192	0	48	48

	fcurryw1			fcurrywire	0	0	48	48		
	fcurryw2			fcurrywire	48	0	48	48		
	fcurryw3			fcurrywire	96	0	48	48		
	fcurryw4			fcurrywire	144	0	48	48		
	fcurryw5			fcurrywire	192	0	48	48
	frqw1				frqwire		0	0	48	48		
	frqw2				frqwire		48	0	48	48		
	frqw3				frqwire		96	0	48	48		
	frqw4				frqwire		144	0	48	48		
	frqw5				frqwire		192	0	48	48

The Shelley, Curry, and Raging Queen are kitbashes of P81's Excelsior and Miranda.
The shuttle is a kitbash of the Bridge Commander Shuttle by Activision and P81's Excelsior
The fighter is from Starfleet Command by Taldren
Background Information: Ex Astris Scientia

Please read the following for further information:

Thank you for downloading this ship.

You are allowed to include it in your mod.

Have fun!!!

Pizza the Hutt

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