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In my opinion this is unusually creative. (you don't see to many sensible special weapons!) Built from the Romulan's Sensor Jammer this is a series of new weapons with a range of effects. As I play online erm... extensivly I probably appreciate this more than people who don't use the specials at all.

Basicially, specials are the skilled part of the game and they let a skilled person tip a situation from a hopeless loss to a win. A quick example would be a borg Tactical Fusion Cube entering your base. Even with a fleet of galaxys it could wipe you out, but by using the Sensor Jammer you can take the sensors out so it can't see you. It could keep heading towards whatever is shooting at it until it gets so close it can shoot, unless you burn the engines out with a Steamrunner's engine overload. At this point, what on paper is totally overwhealming becomes totally harmless as it can't see you to shoot at you and it can't charge you to get in range or run away to save itself.

What might seem like a couple of simple weapons can add a entire new dimension to A2.



Hey Trekies,

This is my first Weapon Mod Attempt.

Based on the Romulan Sensor Jammer, I made four weapons to affect ships systems.

Sensor Jam Wave - Disables Enemies Sensors
Weapon Jam Wave - Disables Enemies Weapons
Shield Remod Wave - Remodulates Allies Shields
Shield Jam Wave - Disables Enemies Shields

Install Instructions

Place the *.tga files in the textures\rgb\ directory
Place the *.odf files in the odf\special_weapons\ directory

Place this in the tech1.tt and freetech.tt files
at the very bottom.

gWjamsensor.odf    0
gWjamweapon.odf    0
gWjamremod.odf     0
gWjamshield.odf    0

Place this in the gui_global.spr file where all the other build weapon buttons are.

b_gWjamsensor		gWjamsensor	0	0	64	64
b_gWjamweapon		gWjamweapon	0	0	64	64
b_gWjamremod		gWjamremod	0	0	64	64
b_gWjamshield		gWjamshield	0	0	64	64

Too place a specific weapon on a ship just add the one of the following to the ships odf file where the X is the next available weapon slot, and the XX is the weapon hardpoint(s) you want to use.

//Shield Remod Wave
weaponX = "gWjamremod"
weaponHardpointsX = "hpXX"

//Weapon Jam Wave
weaponX = "gWjamweapon"
weaponHardpointsX = "hpXX"

//Sensor Jam Wave
weaponX = "gWjamsensor"
weaponHardpointsX = "hpXX"

//Shield Jam Wave 
weaponX = "gWjamshield"
weaponHardpointsX = "hpXX"


The wave textures were edited from the stock version as were the buid buttons. 

e-mail ---> [email protected]

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