Shipyard Haven VI



This a nice 6 players map by Jeri Hansen.

Shipyard Haven VI is a fun map and very interesting for fast players. As you can see on the screenshots the battlefield is quite big and full of nebulas & planets. The most important part of the map is the battlefield on the right side, full of empty ships and stations. Fast players can capture those and get huge advantages in the match. If you don't have enough maps yet, this is worth taking a look.

- TParis

Note: You have to put the map files into the "bzn" folder inside your Star Trek Armada 2 main directory. The readme isn't very accurate concerning the installation instructions.



6 Players map 
By Jeri Hansen 

Shipyard Haven is back. The wormhole to the new shipyard haven has close after another run in with the Borg. However there is a Borg Build near by left behind by the Borg find it and build a tranwarp gate to get in to the Haven.

Changes to Shipyard Haven map this time is that it a whole new design and part from the uncrew ships and shipyards in Haven. There is also the Planet Haven in the Haven. It like to map I find it fun even with out going into shipyard Haven unless one my enemies are 8472 in which case I run away.


Install into your D:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\

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