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This is quite significant for all those races that shouldn't have transporter tech. Bult from the klingon commando pod it lets you transpor...


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This is quite significant for all those races that shouldn't have transporter tech. Bult from the klingon commando pod it lets you transport using little shuttles instead of with the transporter beam.

This has solved an ago old problem that was a big stumbling block even for the bigger mod teams that put together such excellent mods as the SWvSW and SWFC mods. You don't have a transporter, but how do you board derelict ships?

A big round of applause for Stargazor ladies and gentlemen, I think he's deserved it!

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Transporting minimod, by Stargazor_001

1.  Intro
2.  Installation Instructions
3.  Credits & Legal stuff
4.  Contact

Well I came up with it when watching the pilot episode of Enterprise. It was something Lieutenant Reed said about the transporter 'Don't think I'm quite ready to have my molecules compressed into a datastream.'
And in the folowing episodes they allways use shuttlepods to go somewhere in stead of using the transporter.
In Armada there is almost no other way to transfer crew from one ship to another besides using the transporter, and that could be different. Because what if a race didn't have a transporter (eg. the Kazon on Voyager) how would they go from ship to ship?
I thought about docking, but didn't come far, so I thought of something easier. I modified the Klingon Commando Team special weapon and modified it a little and this is the result. A way to transfer crew, without using the transporter.
I used the stock federation workbee, because I didn't have any other models much less permission to distribute them. Feel free to modify the .odf to use your own shuttle or something, and changing the race shouldn't be a problem either.

----Installation Instructions----
Put the 'gshuttle.odf' and 'shuttle.odf' files in the armada2/odf/special weapons folder.
Open gui_global.spr in the armada2/sprites folder and add this line in the special weapons folder, so it looks like this:

b_ghologen		gbhologen		0	0	64	64
b_gshuttle		gbfshuttle		0	0	64	64

Save and close.
*ps. There is NO buildbutton, because I don't have the tools needed to make one*

Next go to the Armada2/techtree folder and open, and add this under the federation special weapon section. It should look like this:

ghologen        0
gshuttle.odf	0

Save and close.

Finally open in the same folder and add this line in the federation special weapon section:
gshuttle	   0				    // shuttle launcher

Save and close.

The weapon has now been successfully installed into your game, but what use is a weapon if no ship uses it, so open a ship .odf file located in the Armada2/odf/ships and add this line in the weapon section of your designated ship:

// Shuttles
weaponX = "gshuttle"
weaponHardpointsX = "hpXX"

and replace X with a number, and hpXX with the hardpoint to your liking.

Also it would be wise to add this line anywhere in the ships .odf file (I have it above the scaleSOD = ...), so the shuttle weapon isn't obsolete

transporter = 0

Save and exit.

Now your weapon is fully installed and ready to be used.

----Credits and legal stuff----
This little mod is not made or supported by Activision or it's affliates.
Editing and modifying this IS permitted, but if you want to release it, you should at least contact me and give me some credit for it!

Original federation workbee model made by Activision
.odf by me, Stargazor_001

If you have problems, errors, or if you want to make it better, suggestions are allways welcome and if you want to remake it, use your own model and re-release it, you can reach me and ask your questions here:
My e-mail is:	[email protected]
		(Jeroentje DOT w AT gmail DOT com)

Have fun and greetings from Stargazor_001

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