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Ahem, most of you won't get that. :( Best start to a level ever.

For those who have not been fortunate enough to play FreeSpace2 then FreeSpace2 is the sequel to FreeSpace. FreeSpace is a flight sim in the classic Wing Commander Mold set in the 23rd Century. FreeSpace 1 starts fourteen years into a war between the Terrans and the Vasudans.

The war has been dragging on for years, with little gain on either side. You start the game as a fighter pilot with the Galactic Terran Alliance (GTA) stationed on the GTD Galatea. Things are fairly basic at first, you don't have shields and your only armed with moderately dangerous laser cannons.

The GTD Galatea is an Orion Class Destroyer, the capital ship class of the GTA. Its a trifile over 2km long, which certainly feels quite big when your a 20m long fighter. After fighting several battles with the Vasudans another race appears who are dubbed the Shivans. As the Shivans have fighters and bombers with shields and big painful weapons they quickly decimate several outlying systems and start working inwards towards the home systems of both sides. Realising they face destruction the Terrans and the Vasudans sign a peace treaty and an alliance against the Shivans.

Eventually the alliance gets some comparable technology (by stealing it from the Shivans) and eventually fights off the Shivans with rather hideous losses.

14 years later the Shivans are detected in a recently discovered Nebula, and the Alliance actually does quite a good job of taking the system, actually making ground against the Shivans. This until one of these ships turns up. It is barely stopped before it is destroys an inhabited planet. The Alliance re-enters the nebula and soon discover that the Shivans didn't appreciate the destruction of their Juggernaught and that it wasen't one of a kind. They find another hundred of these Juggernaughts bearing down on them. In context the size of the alliance fleet is probably under fifty Destroyers, which these things eat for lunch.

The alliance evacuates the system with only fighters and light ships fighting them, these ships all cluster around the Star, which they turn into a nice SuperNova.

Game Over.

Coming to Armada these ships should still be quite scary. The beam lasers in FS2 ignore shields and melt through heavy armor that is designed to withstand multi gigaton explosions like butter. As we all know, star trek ships rely near totally on shields in combat so the effect of a beam like this on the bare hull is likely to have the same sort of effect the torp in ST6 had on the enterprise saucer.

Oh, and the Sathanas has four of them.

If balanced precisely as they are in FS2 then they will be slow and shieldless (capital ship weapon pierce shields, and 20m fighters don't do much damage to a 6km behemoth) with a huge amount of armor. They should be somewhat vulnerable to attacks on the stern, as the majority of heavy armament is at the front of the ship. Don't get in front of a Sathanas.



~~~~~~Shivan Dreadnaught Teaser Mod~~~~~

----Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Installation
III. Credits
IV. Other Stuff
V. Contact Info

----I: Introduction

~This mod will add on the Shivan Dreadnaught: the Sathanas Class. 
The Shivans are a race found in a very old game called Freespace 2. They are they main
antagonist of the storyline, and this ship is thier prime capital ship in that game. If you want more
information on the Shivans, Wikipedia them and Freespace 2 ;)

The model is extremely low poly, so FPS should not be a problem even with
300+ of any of the ships onscreen. All of the ships come with a build button and
admiral's log pictures, but still lack wireframes =P

----II: Installation

Step 1: Place the files into thier correct places. This means whatever is in this mod's
ODF folder goes in your ODF folder, and so on. You shouldn't be overwriting any files,
so copying the folders directly should work fine.

Step 2: Open your GUI_Global file in your Armada 2 Sprites folder.
Search for this line:

b_fspecial			gbfspecial		0	0	64	64	

Once you've found it, add the following line underneath it:

b_ShivDread		ShivDreadBuild	0	0	64	64

Next find this line:

b_ghologen		gbhologen		0	0	64	64

Once you've found it, add the following lines underneath:

b_ShivtransientRift		gbquanteffect00	0	0	64	64		
b_Shivutribm			gbutritium00	0	0	64	64			
b_Shivregen			gbregen00		0  	0	64	64			
b_Shivholdbm			gbholdbm00		0	0	64	64
b_Shivselfdes			gbselfdes00		0	0	64	64		

Step 3: Save the changes to your GUI_Global file and open up ur tech1 file in the Armada2 techtree folder.
Scroll all the way to the bottom (or wherever you choose to place this line) and add the following:

//Shivan Dreadnaught
ShivDread.odf 0
Shivholdbm.odf 0
Shivselfdes.odf 0
gdetects.odf 0
Shivregen.odf 0
ShivtransientRift.odf 0
Shivutribm.odf 0

Step 4: Save the changes to the tech1 file. Now open up your favorite shipyard and add the following line 
under where it has the builditem list:

buildItemX = "ShivDread"

The X stands for the # after the last one in the builditem list of the shipyard.

Step 5: Start up Armada 2 and enjoy!

----III: Credits

Original Models: Ultimate Dragon
Textures: Ultimate Dragon
ODF, SOD, TGA : Ultimate Dragon
Build Button and Admirals Log pic: Ultimate Dragon

----IV: Other Stuff

~As the title implies, this is a teaser mod. I am currently working on a Shivan Mini-race (possibly full-race)
mod that should be done sometime this month

~The Starfox Assault Mod for Armada 2 is further postponed until the Shivan Project is done

~For those of you wondering about the Halo mod I had, Iunno how thats going... >_>

~If anyone would like to challenge the validity of this model or any other model, I will
happily provide proof to the questionee. 

----V. Contact Info

Ultimate Dragon can be reached by:

MSN/Email: [email protected]
Commenting under this file

Please do not keep asking about the Halo mod, as stated above I'm trying to get it
re-posted. Also, please don't randomly add me to your MSN buddy list unless you
need a serious question answered.

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