Slave 1 - Starfleet Cargo Vessel/Fighter

This is a new Cargo Vessel / Fighter for Star Trek Armada II. Enjoy!


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This is a new Cargo Vessel / Fighter for Star Trek Armada II. Enjoy!

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Slave 1 - New Starfleet Cargo Vessel/Fighter.

Background Story:

For some time Starfleet have wanted an armed cargo ship however nothing they designed themselves
could handle weapons as well as cargo. In 2377 a group of visitors from another galaxy came by
and offered designs to a ship that could handle all the specifications needed.

For years the Slave 1 design was held by the Fett family, however since the last family member
perished the ship has gone through many hands. Now sold for goods and rights to trade within the 
Federation, Starfleet own it and have replicated it.

Slave One is now the answer to navigate the ever increasing dangerous routes of space! They can 
attack so they can serve as fighters! Also I have mixed up the sound events so it feels there is
more than one crew member.

Finally I have  included a new list of items for the Slave 1's to begin ferrying around the 

To install Slave 1:

tga's to textures/RGB.

fslave.odf to odf/ships
scargophys2.odf to odf/other
TradingStation.odf to odf/stations

sod file to SOD folder

admiral's log pic to bitmap/admiralslog/ship images.

Now open techtree folder:

Go to full tech and after the last Fed ship add:

fslave.odf 0

Then find Tech1 and add:

fslave.odf 1 ftrading.odf		// slave one

Then come out and go to the Sprites finally open gui_golbal:

Scroll to the last Fed ship and add:

b_fslave1	gbfslave1	0	0	64	64 (align if necessary)

scroll to the last Fed wireframes and add:

fslave1w1			fedwireframe03	0	48	48	48		
fslave1w2			fedwireframe03	48	48	48	48		
fslave1w3			fedwireframe03	96	48	48	48		
fslave1w4			fedwireframe03	144	48	48	48		
fslave1w5			fedwireframe03	192	48	48	48

Full Credits to:

Borg124	& FGX;
Slave 1 Textures, Hitpoint map and Sod files.				

Me: ODFs

Wireframes & Admiral's Log Pic:				
Stock cargo.		

Visit Borg124 and FGX's sites!


Visit Borg124's Meshes Info Page:	


** Many thanks to Borg124 & FGX for allowing people to use this mod as long as they get credit.
(As read in the original Slave 1 readme) - I hope you guys like it!**

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