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The Sovereign class has become a sort of master-course for the A2 modder. Whether a retexture or a build of the model, the Sovereign class s...


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The Sovereign class has become a sort of master-course for the A2 modder. Whether a retexture or a build of the model, the Sovereign class starship has become one of the most modeled starships (right up there with fan favourites the Galaxy, the Prometheus, and the Akira). And there's no abundance of reasons why, although the most prominent reason is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E, along with her sister ship USS Sovereign, as seen in Bridge Commander.

It was the look of the original NCC-1701-E model in-game that got me into modding Armada II in the first place. The fact that the texture was clearly identical, with the registry stamped on in MSPaint, truly irked me. After all, the Sovereign class Enterprise has such a sweeping impression to its registry, both above and below the saucer, and those kinds of details screamed for me to do something, or look for some way to make the ship work better. It's why Admirals Sovereign was the first mod I downloaded, and one I still use (albeit with retextures) to this day.

These models are replacements for the stock Sovereign, re-done (and nicely!) by Aad Moerman, who always does top-rate stuff. The .ODF content is duplicated from there, as are (one can assume) the hardpoints. The models themselves look really nice, but my one issue, as you can see in a screencap, is the same one that brought me here in the first place. Fortunately the registry doesn't look as awful as the stock -E once did.... but it's not quite right, is it. Still, that's hardly something to complain about with such wondrous and truly awesome Sov models to work with here. It might be time to reconsider my use of Admirals' Sovereign....

Download this one today. You can never have enough Sovs.


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Sovereign class by Aad Moerman

After creating the Crusader class, I thought of working on the famous Enterprise. This folder contains 2 ships: The sovereign and the Enterprise.
I've given the fbattle stronger shields. The stock file didn't do her justice here.

Important Note:
Make a backup of your existing files, because most files in this folder will overwrite the stock files!


As allways, thanks to Wrath of Achilles for his Texture Tutorial and Major A Payne for his SodTutorial. 

All meshes, textures, etc are by me. 

The Odf files are edited stock files.
Please note:
I cannot be hold responsible for any damage or problems otherwise regarding this model. 

You may use this ship in your mod, just give credit where its do. 

Thank you for downloading.


Installation instructions

Open the Sovereign class folder

Open the SOD folder -->

Put the sod files into the sod folder of Armada II. When prompted to overwrite, click 'yes'. 

Open the ODF folder -->

Put the odf file into the odf ship folder of Armada II. When prompted to overwrite, click 'yes'. 

Open the Texturefolder -->
put the tga into the texture RGB folder of Armada II. When prompted to overwrite, click 'yes'. 
( I include the MS3D files for those who are interested.)

Open the Bitmaps folder -->

Open the Bitmaps folder of Armada II --> open Admiralslog --> open ShipImages and put the images there. When prompted to overwrite, click 'yes'.  

Open techtree file


under Federation ships add:

fente.odf     0      	  			    // Captain Picard's Enterprise

In instant action you may want to play the Enterprise. You need to choose a yard.

Open ODF-folder --> open station folder
open fyard of your choise. Remember this is only for instant action.

add under the list of builditems

buildItemXx = "fente" ( The X stands for the next number on the list)


add under Federation:

fente.odf    0

Open Sprites --> open gui_global

find the lines:
# Federation build buttons


b_fbattle			gbfbld100		0	0	64	64

then go to:
# Federation build buttons

add below that list:

b_fbattle			gbfbattle		0	0	64	64
b_fente				gbfente			0	0	64	64

find the lines:

# Federation wireframes


fbattlew1			fedwireframe01	0	0	48	48		
fbattlew2			fedwireframe01	48	0	48	48		
fbattlew3			fedwireframe01	96	0	48	48		
fbattlew4			fedwireframe01	144	0	48	48		
fbattlew5			fedwireframe01	192	0	48	48

and delete:

fentew1				fedwireframe04	0	48	48	48		
fentew2				fedwireframe04	48	48	48	48		
fentew3				fedwireframe04	96	48	48	48		
fentew4				fedwireframe04	144	48	48	48		
fentew5				fedwireframe04	192	48	48	48	

then find:

# Federation wireframes
@reference=128 (if not present, just add the reference)

add below that list:

fbattlew1			wffbattle		0	0	128	128
fentew1				wffente			0	0	128	128	


That's it!

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