Special Weapons Stations

This adds some cool new weapons stations to each race.


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This adds some cool new weapons stations to each race.

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Special Weapons Stations Readme:

By: Joelteon7

Mod type: Addon (stations)

What it does: 

	Gives each race, excluding Species 8472, a new station which has the ability of the relevant race frigate, for example, the Federation Special Weapons Aray has the Shield Enhancer.

	They are basically upgraded sensor arrays that can't detect cloak. They use the same sensor array textures, build buttons and admiral's pic but this literally is done to save time.

Installation Instructions:

For un-modded games:

Please unzip all the files to their relevant spaces:

Then add to the construction ship odf as mentioneed below in point 5).

For modded games: 

Not difficult at all;

1) Unzip all the files to somewhere, desktop, temporary folder etc.
2) Add the fsp, rsp, ksp, bsp and csp odf files to your stations odf folder
3) Add these lines to your techtree 1.1 beneath the turret2.odf of that particular race;

(X will be replaced by what race it is, for example f for federation)

Xsp.odf 1 Xresear2.odf          // special weapons array

4) Add these lines to your fulltech, again X will be replaced by the race;

Xsp.odf 0 

5) Add these lines to your construction ships (Xconst in the odf ship files). Again, put these files underneath the turret2 or that race:

buildItemX = "Xsp"

6) Play!

How long: 30 minutes (not including this long readme =P )


ODF and Techtree work by Joelteon7 (or, aka me)

Please contact me if you have any problems at joelteon7@yahoo.co.uk

This mod my be used in anybody else's mod if they so wish, please if you do include credits for this piece of work, thank you :)

Copyright of Star Trek and all relevant releases

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