Species 9341

this is a new ship for 8472.... fught on


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this is a new ship for 8472.... fught on

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Download 'species_9341.zip' (176KB)

Species 9341 Mother Entity and Spawned Entity by Captain_Reisen

Remember those squirmy, wormy creatures from the third Borg mission in Armada I?  

Well, they’re back with a vengeance and allied with Species 8472 (yeah, I know the real Species 8472 wouldn’t ally themselves with inferior lifeforms but as they’re both completely organic, why the heck not?)

If you have a mod already installed and wish to include this in that mod, I have provided a means to do so (no new gui_global.spr, no new tech1.tt; instead, I have lines for you to copy and paste into those files, thus leaving any other game mods intact)

If this messes up your game, tough luck.  Nah, just kidding, simply uninstall the files and delete the offending lines.

What’s included in this zip:
1.	all necessary .odf files (zmama.odf, zentity.odf, gnttblst.odf, and nttblst.odf)
2.	all SODs needed (zmama.sod and zentity.sod)
3.	all textures needed (Z_mama.tga, zentity.tga, MamaW.tga, EntityW.tga, gbzmama.tga, gbzenity.tga)

What’s not included
1.	Admiral’s log pictures
2.	AI support (for the AIPs)

1.	Place the .odf files in their respective folders (ships in Ships, gnttblst.odf and nttblst.odf in Special Weapons)
2.	Place the SOD files in the SOD folder (duh)
3.	Place the textures (the .tga files) in the RGB subfolder of the Textures folder

Tricky parts
1.	In the gui_global file, add the following lines underneath the last build item of Species 8472 (NOTE: gbzenity is not a misprint):

b_zmama		gbzmama		0	0	64	64
b_zentity	gbzenity	0	0	64	64

2.	In the same file, scroll down to the last Species 8472 wireframe and add the following lines:


zentityw1		EntityW	40	0	40	40
zentityw2		EntityW	0	40	40	40
zentityw3		EntityW	40	40	40	40
zentityw4		EntityW	80	0	40	40
zentityw5		EntityW	0	0	40	40

zmamaw1		MamaW	40	0	40	40
zmamaw2		MamaW	0	40	40	40
zmamaw3		MamaW	40	40	40	40
zmamaw4		MamaW	80	0	40	40
zmamaw5		MamaW	0	0	40	40

In your techtree folder, open the tech1.tt file and scroll down to the last Species 8472 ship and add: 

zmama	0
zentity	0

Open the regular ODF folder, select the Ships subfolder, and open the 8472_passive.odf file (make sure read-only is off for this file or you’re gonna have some trouble)

Scroll down to the last build item (should be: buildItem5 = “8472_mothership”) and add the line: 

buildItem6 = “zmama” (as zmama builds zentity, the Passive embryo doesn’t need to build the entity)

Credit where credit is due:
	Captain_Reisen (me!) for the .odf files
	The folks at Activision for the buildbuttons, the SODs, and the original textures
	Chu’Yu Chen for his excellent Species 9341 wireframes

Friendly advice
1.	Don’t alter the SOD size of these files (animated SODs, being composed of multiple segments, can only 	have the non-animated portions enlarged…this makes the animated parts look much smaller)

2.	Be careful not to build too many Spawned Entities too quickly (they may be cheap, but they add up 		rapidly and given the tenuous nature of resource supply for Species 8472, it’s not a good idea to 		deplete your biomatter stores)

3.	The Spawned Entities are weak creatures but readily replaceable…they make good scouts but they will not 	detect cloaked vessels

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