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You know what this reminds me of, with the whole Spcies 8472, "Aliens". Anyhow, that's just what you'll be getting with this. Enhanced Speci...


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You know what this reminds me of, with the whole Spcies 8472, "Aliens". Anyhow, that's just what you'll be getting with this. Enhanced Species 8472 given crew too. Whether or not this is a good thing, I'll let you decide, but the idea of beaming over SP8472 aliens onto enemy ships sounds rather satisfying, especially in a pitched battle, so let them cause the havoc!

Of course this works both ways - you can now beam onto their ships and salvage them, so beware Borg, I heard the Voyager was in the nieghbourhood!

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Download 'speciescrew_va.zip' (212KB)


WARNING: This mod will also affect any new games or missions you start in one player mode.

In this model of the Star Trek Universe, Species vessels have something which approximates to a Crew: Neurakar. Species vessels can now be commandeered by other races - however, the critters inside are quite tenacious and won't give up easily. In face-to-face combat, a Species Neurakar entity can cut swathes through the ranks of other races. Their toughest match is the Borg.

Species Neurakar can also be reaccrued by growing more Neurakar entities in a special chamber in-ship. This chamber is the first function to cease in combat, as the Species vessel draws energy away and to other systems, and it is the last to return to functioning after combat. Reaccumulation of Neurakar is triggered by issuing the Recrew command.

Gameplay affected:
	With effort, Species vessels can now be commandeered. It is a difficult process but well worth it in the end. This will only really affect the outcomes of pitched battles, as the mobile Recrew option should 

Tech issues in this mod:
	I would have preferred to work out a method of making crew/Neurakar constantly regenerate in a way similar to shields and system hitpoints. If anybody knows a way to do this, could they contact me at the below address? Thanks.

Other points of interest:
	The Officer system for Species 8472 has changed. Now, instead of 279 Officers with 1 or 2 to each ship, the maximum is 999 officers. I've dealt with this by changing the number of officers needed to build each ship and approximating to their equivalents in other races. If you see an officer allocation which you think is off, please contact me at allynsor@gmail.com and I'll be glad to take a look.

All in all, try out the mod and enjoy yourself!


NOTE: This Mod will override all previous Species 8472 Mods you may already have installed. Make sure you back up any previous mods using the method below before you install this mod.

To Install "Species Crew" mod for Star Trek Armada 2:

Select your current odf and misc directories, usually located in:

	C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\

Copy these (ctrl-v) and paste (ctrl-v) them into the same directory. This will give you directories entitled 'Copy of odf / misc'. Rename these to 'odf/misc directory backup'.

Now extract this .zip folder directly into your \Star Trek Armada II\ game folder. Alternatively, copy the \odf\ and \misc\ folders from this zip file into the game directory using Windows Explorer.

When asked if you wish to overwrite the files in the \odf\ships\, \odf\other\, \odf\stations\ and \misc\ directories, click Yes To All.

Wait for the unzip/transfer to complete. It shouldn't take long. If readme.txt was transferred into your game directory, you may delete it with no adverse effects on the mod.

You are now ready to play!


(this mod was originally published on the seventh of february, 2005 at http://www.itgoessquelch.co.uk/ - redistribution is permitted with or without permission, but this parenthesis must be retained: thanks!)

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