Species DeathStar

This is an additional death star for race 8472. Now all races have a deathstar!


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This is an additional death star for race 8472. Now all races have a deathstar!

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SPECIES 8472 Big Mama

Ok, there were requests for a Species 8472 Deathstar size ship so here it is.  Remember this is a shipyard class vessel so it will not accept special weapons needing buttons to operate.  Any other modified weapon you have can be added as well as more things to build.  Just edit.  

8472_spbio.odf goes in the odf/ship folder
8472_spbio.sod goes in the sod folder
specbio.tga goes in the textures/rgb folder
S1 is a different texture that can be substuituted for specbio.tga by moving the original and renaming S1 to specbio.tga.  It has a mech-looking texture so take you pick.

The Biosphere uses the Borg Sphere build button so just add in the @reference = 64 section at the bottom like this in the Sprites folder:
b_8472_PodShipResearch25	gb8472_PodShipResearch25   0	0	64	64		
b_8472_spbio                                            gbbcruise1              0       0          64       64

To get the Species "yard" to build it add the following in the 8472_FluidicGate.odf found in odf/stations:
buildItem3 = "8472_battle"
buildItem4 = "8472_spbio"

In you tech1.tt, earlytech.tt and any other tech file you play add this last line at the end of the Species ships:
8472_behemoth.odf   2 8472_FluidicGate.odf 8472_AdvancedResearch.odf       // species 8472 behemoth
8472_spbio.odf      1 8472_FluidicGate.odf

If you want the A.I. to build it against you you must edit the 5 .aip files in AI/AIPS folder- specied8472_build_list.aip, specied8472_defensive_list.aip, specied8472_endgame_list.aip, specied8472_instant_action_build_list.aip & specied8472_offensive_list.aip.

// Phase II. Fluidic Gate

	"8472_FluidicGate",		1,0, -1,  2,
        "8472_spbio,                    1, 0, -1, -4, 

Just make sure the ship is added somehere below, meaning AFTER, the fluidic gate is built.

Be sure to back up any files you edit 1st.  Remove the above files to delete the mod.
Make any changes you want and use them in any way you want- I don't care about credit- just have fun!
Twitch- [email protected]

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