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This is a great map, and it looks like Commander David Clarke is off to a good start with his avatar mod!!


no seriously, down...


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This is a great map, and it looks like Commander David Clarke is off to a good start with his avatar mod!!


no seriously, download it now :D

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The Bajoran Wormhole.
Two Player Multiplayer map.

Star Trek: Avatar ¡V Preview Map:
Well, I¡¦ve been threatening for some time now so I figure it¡¦s about time I came through on it and gave you something to look at! As you may have seen on I am working (in conjunction with McKey) on making an Armada2 mod based on the books set after the series of Deep Space Nine. I plan to release monthly ¡¥episodes¡¦ each one based around one of the books. However I have decided to jump in and give you something to wet your appetites and here we are! Let me know what you think at all feedback is appreciated. Expect to see an assault version of this map in the next week or so (where the Cardassian and Federation Alliance bases are on your side.) However since I don¡¦t play multiplayer much I decided to do this one first.

General Information.

Okay, first things first. There is only one item in this map that I didn¡¦t create myself, and that is Deep Space Nine. This model belongs to one of two people and I am uncertain as to whom. The reason behind this is that I have two different versions on my computer at the minute both of which I run on my game and hence I no longer remember who¡¦s they are so to cover this:

Map: Commander Clarke (Me ļ)
Deep Space Nine: McKey or Major A Payne.
Metal Asteroids: Unknown ¡V Came with the Earth solar system map on

If the author of the station, or the metal asteroids would like to e-mail me to confirm if it is theirs that I am using contact me at and I will correct this read me accordingly.


Anyway, the fun part. Installation should be quick and simple. Simply unzip the file to your root armada directory (c:\program files\activision\star trek armada II in most cases) This should install both the map and the necessary odf¡¦s, sods etc to place Deep Space Nine on the map.

This map is based around the environs of the Bajoran Sector. There is an AI base at either end of the wormhole, one representing the Federation alliance, and the other representing the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant. Be warned that these bases will attack you if you come in range, regardless of which race you are playing as.

If you choose to play using fixed positions (recommended on this map) then Team One is in the lower right corner (Alpha Quadrant) and the Team Two is in the top left (Gamma Quadrant).

In the lower of the right hand quadrant I have put in a ruined Maquis base in the Badlands, you can try and colonise it if you like but it won¡¦t be easy ;) 

Final Note: Whilst I realise that the second wormhole shouldn¡¦t be there if I were to follow cannon exactly I decided that the map looked a bit bear without so decided I¡¦d put one in for extra flavour!
With each small step we take, we begin a new era.

Host to the Star Trek: Abnett fanfic and the Star Trek: Avatar game mod.

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