Star Trek Armada 2.5 Beta



Here it is, the much awaited STA2.5, relesed as a public beta! I wasnt expecting the beta to become public but, there you go. Everyone download this and give it a test, and dont forget to send in any bugs you find in the comments or to Draconis, there is a reason they make Beta versions ;)

There are a few things you should follow, as noted in the readme, when installing this mod. And also it is a beta so theres the small chance it may mess one or three things up, or not work quite as it should, thats the nature of beta's, so dont expect perfection here, that said this mod is for checking out!

To play the entire mod you will also need to download the Textures, Wich you can find here



This mod is the STA2.5 Beta Version.

Instead of selecting a few people to test this Beta, I'm giving it to the community in order to see what they think of it.
I'd like for whoever uses this mod to keep in mind that this is not the final version of the mod and that there is much that still needs to be done.

*Important* This mod must be installed on a clean (not modified) version of Star Trek Armada 2.
First, install Star Trek Armada 2 onto your hard drive. Then, add the files from Part 1 (odfs, sods, etc.) and Part 2 (textures) to their correct folders within the Armada2 directory.
*Important* DO NOT overwrite any folders; files must be copied into them. If asked to overwrite files, answer yes. 
Keep in mind, folders should NOT be overwritten, but files must be overwritten if asked to do so.

If you followed those instructions exactly, it should work properly.

You can expect the final version of STA2.5 to be complete with build buttons and interfaces. Several ships may also be added, removed, or replaced before the final version is released.

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Alt Contact:
[email protected]

Federation Work Bees (Captn Fingers)
Federation Excalibur Class (Major A Payne)
Federation Titan Class (Operative34997) (Original Textures: Wicked Zombie) (Original Model parts used for kitbash: Steve Davis, Dennis Bailey, Tachy, and Ed Giddings)
Federation Achilles Class (Michael Frederick)
Federation Ares Class (APCMmkII)
Federation Nightmare Class (DARKDRONE) (Original Textures: Phantasma)
Federation Proxima Class (Pneumonic81)
Federation Excelsior-B Class (DAWN)
Federation Dauntless Class (Pneumonic81 & Westworld)
Federation Highlander Class (APCMmkII)
Federation Insignia Class (Major A Payne & Mark Kingsnorth)
Federation Merchantman Class (Capt Fingers)
Federation Type6 Shuttle (Captn Fingers, TheFOrce, Unholy Trinity, & Neon)
Federation Type9 Shuttle (Warlords Modding Union)
Federation Typhon Class (Major A Payne)
Federation Pre-TOS Starship; a.k.a. Intrepid (Captn Fingers)
Federation Poseidon Class (ChiefBrex & Major A Payne)
Federation Galaxy Class (Michael Kelly & J. Eldridge Davis)
Federation Sovereign Class (Pneumonic81)
Federation Defiant Class (9ofNine)
Federation Galaxy-X Class (not currently known)
Federation Dawnstar Class (not currently known)
Federation Spacedock (9ofNine)
Federation Akira Class (Solid Snake)
Federation Trading Station (Major A Payne)
Federation Sabre Class (Deemon)
Federation Colony Ship (Captn Fingers)
Federation Cargo Ship (9ofNine)
Federation Freighter Ship (Deemon)
Federation Nebula Class (Deemon)
Federation Steamrunner Class (Deemon)
Federation Intrepid Class (Deemon)
Federation Antares Shipyard (Captn Fingers)
Federation Remmeler Array  (Captn Fingers)
Federation Olympic Class (Deemon)
Federation Oberth Class (Deemon)
Federation Darius Class Spacedock (Major A Payne)
Federation Excelsior Class (Deemon)
Federation Regula Class Starbase (Captn Fingers)
Federation San Fransisco Class Shipyard (Captn Fingers)
Federation McKinley Class Shipyard (Deemon)
Federation Argus Array (Captn Fingers)
Federation Midas Array (Captn Fingers)
Federation Heavy Weapons Platform (Deemon)
Federation Perigrine Class Fighter (Deemon)
Federation Blaze Class Bomber (SFC2)
Federation Antares Class Fighter/Bomber (Deemon)
Federation Danube Class Runabout (Deemon)
Federation Delta Flyer Class Runabout (Deemon)
Federation Constitution Class (Pneumonic81)
Federation Miranda Class (Pneumonic81)
Federation Constellation Class (Captn Fingers)
Federation Nova Class (9ofNine)
Federation Norway Class (Deemon)
Federation Intrepid Class (Deemon)
Federation Ambassador Class (Deemon)
Federation Excelsior Class Refit (Captn Fingers)
Federation Prometheus Class (Deemon)
Federation Sovereign Class Refit (Deemon)
Federation Intrepid Class (Pneumonic81)
Federation New Orleans Class (Deemon)
Federation Subspace Relay (Captn Fingers)
Ferengi Tokron Class (Splatter)
Klingon Mining Station (Operative34997 & Darkdrone)
Klingon D13 Class (Dion Williams)
Klingon K'vorcha Class (Major A Payne)
Klingon Trading Station (Operative34997, Maddoc, & Darkdrone)
Romulan D'Deridex Class; a.k.a. Romulan Warbird (Bryan)
Romulan Nierrh Class (TrashMan & Major A Payne)
Romulan Norexan Class (DAWN)
Romulan Shipyard 2 (Major A Payne)
Romulan Scimitar Class (Bryan)
Romulan Hawk Class (SFC3)
Cardassian Terrok Nor Type Starbase (9ofNine)
Cardassian Mining Station (Achilles)
Cardassian Turrets (Achilles)
Cardassian Galor Class (Achilles)
Cardassian Keldon Class (Achilles)
Cardassian Hutet Class (Major A Payne)
Borg Cube (Kleotol)
Borg Sphere (Kleotol)
Hydran Starships (Challenger)
Dominion Destroyer (Warlords Modding Union)
Dominion Battleship (Challenger)
Dominion Dreadnaught (Unknown)
Dilithium Moon (Rassilon)
Damage and Borg Textures (Deemon)
Misc. Textures, Odfs, and General Modifications (draconis_sharp)

If I missed anyone in the credits, it would please me to know who you are so I may credit you in the final version of this mod.

Activision does not support this mod. Anything or anyone affiliated with Activision cannot be held responsible for any damage that this mod may cause.

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