Star Trek Armada 2: Modding Supplement

This program was written for modding ODF, TT and Sprite files for Star Trek Armada 2. While designing and building this program, I felt tha...


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This program was written for modding ODF, TT and Sprite files for Star Trek Armada 2. While designing and building this program, I felt that it would be nice to include not just an editor, but all the tools necessary for creating ODFs, TTs and Sprite files, and with that in mind I set forth on my mission. I would like to thank for the extensive research they did into the ODFs for making ships/stations and weapons, as that was a big help in writing all the coding in for the ODFs. I do not have any blank templates for you to use, its build as you go, and that is, in my opinion, all you need. This modding tool is meant for both the most seasoned veteran and the newest rookie that is just starting out.

V1.1 now includes support for the Patch Project created by the Fleet Ops team.

- Epytron_Omega

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0. Credits
1. Installation
2. System Requirements
3. Random Information
4. Known Issues
5. Disclaimer
6. Contact
7. Distribution/hosting & Commercial use

0 - Credits

Epytron Omega - Program

Activision/Maddoc - Star Trek Armada 2, which without this game, this mod tool wouldn't exist.

And I would like to thank the Armada II Files staff for the readme template.

1 - Installation

In this zip file you will find this readme, 5 screenshots, and another zip file, which contains the necessary files to install the Modding Supplement. Simply open the zip file, and extract everything to a directory, and then run the setup file to install.

2 - System Requirements

A copy of Star Trek Armada 2 on your computer.

3 - Random Information

Thanks to for the extensive work they did on researching the ODF commands, without their site I wouldnlt have gotten this far on this project.

Time to complete: About 4 weeks

Version History:

v0.01 - Added basic open, save and odf/tt commands
v0.02 - Added extended odf commands, and some functional sprite files.
V1.0 - Finished adding all necessary coding and such, and first release of modding tool.
v1.1 - Added in a couple of ODF commands that were forgotten, and added support for the Patch project created by fleetops.

4 - Known Issues

None known, if any are found please contact me.

5 - Disclaimer


6 - Contact

I can be contacted by email at dauntless01a_at_gmail_dot_com. You can also contact me via my website: or by PMing me at

7 - Distribution/hosting & Commercial use

If you are interested in hosting this file or distributing it in any manner then please contact me.

Hosting, or any other form of distribution is hereby forbidden without prior written permission.

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