Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations v3.01 Patch

This patch for the latest edition of FleetOps fixes many reported bugs & crashes and changes the balance, check the readme for details. It a...


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This patch for the latest edition of FleetOps fixes many reported bugs & crashes and changes the balance, check the readme for details. It also adds a completely reworked AI and a new module for the Scout Cube. The save function stays disabled though.

- TParis

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Download 'fleetopspatch301.exe' (4.31MB)

Fleet Operations - Armada II Total Conversion Patch
Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Fleet Operations Development Team


Version 3.0.1                                                31th December, 2008

- Fixed black screen when trying to enter escape menu from game when using AA
  modes on some systems
- Using Fraps shouldn't crash Fleet Operations anymore
- Fixed a crash with the RamWeapon when the target vessel has already been
  destroyed before the weapon could activate
- Fixed a crash that occoured under some circumstances while using defensive
  or offensive upgrades on stations
- Fixed a crash while loading the map editor
- Fixed a bug causing Out of Sync issues in multiplayer games
- Fixed shell interface for systems using non default Windows UI DPI resolutions
- Fixed an issue causing Fleet Operations to hang on systems with DEP enabled
- Fixed a bug that could cause game crashes in certain situations while
  using Federation Warp-In
- Borg Graviton Relays are now named correctly
- Klingon K't'inga Class vessels may now use their cloaking device correctly
- Fixed a bug causing the Borg Optimize Avatar bonus (cost reduction on the
  first module) to yield a too small bonus on several modules
- Station footprints will no longer be removed incorrectly when a
  Klingon Field Yard extension is destroyed

- General
  - Supply costs will now increase the more supply you order until reaching a
    maximum. The starting price of Supply has been reduced
  - Construction Delays will now be placed at the beginning of the build queue
  - Increased the activation costs of Intelligence Report to 250 Dilithium,
    250 Tritanium and 50 Supplies (bf: 50/50/10)
- Federation
  - The Shield Matrix Reset special ability (Descent Class) is now
    cooldown-based instead of special-energy-based
  - Increased the cool-down of Warp-In to 180 seconds (bf: 100)
  - Precise Volley (Remore Class) duration reduced to 5 seconds (bf: 6),
    special energy costs increased to 540 (bf: 156) and cooldown increased to
    40 seconds (bf: 25)
- Dominion
  - Prototype construction buttons do now appear at the same positions as their
    normal ship buttons
  - Very slightly increased all Supply costs
  - Research costs now a few Supplies
  - Excessive Strike (V-14 Battleship) duration reduced to 2 seconds (bf: 3),
    special energy costs increased to 270 (bf: 181) and damage increased by
    about 200 percent
  - Defender Prototypes no longer cost credits (as intended)
- Borg
  - AI players will try to build Pyramids and Cubes earlier
  - Reduced all module and chassis costs slightly
  - Reduced the costs of the Incubation Complex to 450 dilithium and tritanium
    (bf: 800) and reduced the costs of the maximization upgrade to 180
    dilithium and tritanium (bf: 250)
  - Decreased the area of effect of the Nanites special ability and increased
    its energy costs based on chassis size (500 for the Cube, 600 for the
    Diamond) (bf: 250 Cube, 300 Diamond)
  - Devestating Attack duration reduced on all chassis and special energy
    costs increased to 250 (bf: 150)
  - Damage reduction from adaption modules increased to 25 percent per module (bf: 20)
- Romulan
  - Decreased the damage dealt by Quadcobalt torpedoes by 19 percent

- General
  - A completely reworked AI
- Romulan
  - Staryards and Warbird Yards may now be used to prefine shield generators and
    weapon systems, speeding up defense-turret construction
- Borg
  - A new Interception Module is available for the Scout Cube granting
    anti-destroyer weaponry

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