Star Trek Timeline Mod by Meda

This is an addon mod that, among other things like adding some ships and station, gives the Borg AI the ability to use fusion.


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This is an addon mod that, among other things like adding some ships and station, gives the Borg AI the ability to use fusion.

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Table Of Contents
3-Some personal notes

	1-Ambassador-9 of NINE for the original A1 ship/ChYu_Chen for the Ambassador Build Button/ ODF, Wireframe and Admirals Log image by Porty
	2-Achillies- Achillies Class by Major A Payne
ODF file for Achillies Class by Concept:Future
modifications and installer created by Wasaap
	3-Jupitor Station- Captain Fingers

	4-Constellation- Captain Fingers

	5- San Francisco Shipyad- Captain Fingers

	6- Future Shipyard (real name Fyard3) - Captain Fingers and Krasim

	7- Miranda-\
                    Chakotay Productions
       8- Galaxy X-/

	9- Sheild Fix (no more blue lines)- IGGY

	10- Awsome Effects (when ships go boom it looks more real and blue shockwave mwhen self destruct is avtivated)- Steel2

	11- Runabout-Reddragon and APCMKII

	12- Advance Constructer (ship-station builder)- dont know read#14

	13- Highlander Class- APCMKII

	14- Deep Space Nine- dont know i just had it with sod/textures/odf dont know sry

        15- Vorca texture, Galxay texture;-DEEMON and Major A. Payne

        16- Baleth, Soverign Texture;-Deemon and Major A. Payne
	17- Romulan Nierrh-odf, buttons adn balancing: TrashMan, Conversion to SOB and textures: Major A Payne

	18-Defense Platforms- Captain Steve

	19- Valodroes- The Geek/Dawn for textures and sod
	20- Romulan Pre-Bird of Prey- Captain Fingers and ODF by me [ST]PAdm-Medafusion

	21- Starbase Retexture- Mangledduk

	22- Soverign X and Fighters- Sherman2

	23- Scimitar Class-Sound Intergration - BRyan, seaquest3062(aka ussambersa)Shinzon Sounds - Phantom,SOD, TGA - Bryan,Odf - ClaesStefan
	24- OBERTH CLASS- dont remember
	25- Excelsior Class- Sherman 2

	26- NX Class- seperated from a differ mod dont remember SRY

	27- Contitution- stingray and cpt. fingers bb-cyu'chen

	28- bbattle texture- night wolf

	29- Norway Class- Deemon and Westworld and paramont and APOC ENTERTAINMENT

	30- Borg can build TFC'S and FC's- kleotol 
	31- Galaxy Speaical weapon- Blindeye01

	32- Defiant starter unit-CDS7318,nine of nine, M.A.P. and making it be built me

	33- Marshall- made by Insterteller Machine and converted by [ST]PAdm-Medafusion and Sherman2 helped me make it look not usidedown

	34- Defiance- Major A Payne

	35- Mission Creating- Arin14

	36- Starbase 176- Nine of Nine, MeDici@n

2222222222222222- No story line yet sry :-(
3333333333333333- i dont think there are any personal notes i would say but
Have fun, this is a good mod to work from if you are new at modding.
This is most likely to only be the Beta VS. The final might have a intro movie(very very simple intro movie).
It will have either a nemesis lcars or tng lcars main menu(missions,quick battle, multiplayer and that other 4 options).
It WILL have mission 90% guarenteed. If you would like to write a story line for this mod feel free to but EMAIL ME FIRST!!!
Some buildings of stations/ships MAY cause the game to crash! If you want to make this mod into a big mod feel
free to dont email me i have a lot of junk in my inbox. I am no way responcilble for what this mod does to your computer.
You are downloading this of your free will. Any qu's should be sent to
I used your ships/stations and sent a minimal of 3 emails if there was ANY. If i couldnt find your email adress
i just used it, im not waiting like 100000000000000 years just for like a 2 sentence response :P. I think i got all
the notes i wanted to say. If i forgot to mention you send me a mail at this adress as i get like 200 junk emails a day Now is your mentioned in the credits and there is nothing of your ships/stations/w/ever
then i had plans to place it in the mod BUT since i couldnt test it i didnt bother. and NEOPETS ROKS!!!!!!!! and cant wait
for STO!!!!!!!!! and im bored i send this mod on June 1st 2005. Also hi everyone hence i thnk this should be poseted in 
a week ill look at all your very POSITITVE comments in a week and 3 days :P i only updates the readme and have NOT
updated any part of the mod in 6-7 months so in the final version since ther was MANY files being sent in 6-7 months
expect it to be maybe larger maybe 60-100 MBS pending how lazy i am, tired of modding, and.....  how i feel :P
I LOVE LYNNHAVEN MIDDLE SCHOOL (in virgina beach) just saying the () in case there was more then 1 of the school,

 								Have fun,

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