Star Trek Vs. Star Wars Demo

This is the demo of possibly the most anticipated mod for A2. The demo has been released, and here's my review:

It is VERY good, but it...


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This is the demo of possibly the most anticipated mod for A2. The demo has been released, and here's my review:

It is VERY good, but it has its problems.

The mod is, in a nutshell, the New Republic, the Imperial Remnant, and revamped Federation and Klingon sides. You start with 4 construction ships, a starbase, and a "Hero" ship. For the Federation, its the U.S.S. Enterprise-E, for the Klingons it's a revamped Martok's Neghvar. For the New Republic its Home One, Ackbar's ship, and for the Imperial Remnant, it's a random Imperial class star destroyer.

What I Like:

-Pretty much everything in the New Republic and Imperial Remnant

- TIE Squadrons :D

What I Don't like:

-How you have to research 500 things just to build ships, and the risk is there that if someone destroys your reasearch station, you're more than 10 minutes behind the enemy in research.

-How the Dreadnought was included on the imperial side, but the exact same ship is unable to build on the republic side

-How 2500 crew (An ISD's amount) Is gone within a matter of seconds, so 1/2 of my base is just a junkyard of used ships

-How You can't colonize (Which was an error anyways, but still...)

These gripes aside, the mod is an excellent addition, and is definetly worth downloading, even if you're on 56k.

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Download '' (42.96MB)

Star Trek vs Star Wars II
Demo Version

Thank you for downloading ST vs SW II for Star Trek Armada II. This Demo is a tad overdue (4 months) from what we hoped for but at least its finally out. This Demo will offer you a taster of things to come for the Full Version of ST vs SW II. You¡¦ll find many of the ships and stations from ST vs SW 1 have been disabled and you won¡¦t be able to use them, but there is still a fair amount of things to be used, including a couple of new structures and ships, previously unseen before. Below are instructions for installation and other things you should be aware of.


1.	Installation
2.	System Requirements
3.	Online Multiplayer
4.	Known Issues
5.	New Units you should be aware of.
6.	ST vs SW II Maps
7.	Disclaimer and Legal Information
8.	Credits
9.	Contacts

1 - Installation

Simply run the ST vs SW II.exe and follow the instructions given. You must have the 1.1 Armada 2 patch installed for the Mod to work correctly. The music for the mod is a separate download which you can get at our website and is also very highly recommended for increased atmosphere when playing the game!!!. The download is about 15MB and instructions are given for installing the music. 

2 - System Requirements

Minimum System Specifications:

Pentium II 300MHz
2nd Generation Video Card with 16 MB VRAM playing at 800*600 resolution 

Recommended System Specifications:

Pentium III 750MHz or Higher
256MB RAM or Higher
ATI Rage 128 or GeForce2/GeForce3 cards playing at 1024*768 resolution.

3 - Online Multiplayer

The mod has been tested online and has been proven to work and if anything, is the most fun aspect of this mod, playing other humans online.

To play with another person online, you must have the same version installed. ANY modifications you make to the mod for your own personal use, will put you out of sync with other players. You will be able to see all players and games in the A2 Lobby, but unlike A1, you will not be able to tell from the player list who has a compatible version to you. The only way to find out is to create a game or look for a game. All games listed will be in a yellow colour if they are out of sync with you. Any games showing up in white are compatible and you can join them.

The Team fully encourages online play between the people who download this mod. This mod is best played vs. another Human. Although the AI is a difficult opponent in the mod, it does not make up for the unpredictability of a human. 

4 - Known Issues

These are things we feel you should know about instead of you pestering us about something we already know about. 

	ƒ{ƒnThe AI does NOT use the Gravity Well Generators (Advanced Sensor Arrays). This is because the AI has trouble handling them and will crash the game.
	ƒ{ƒnIf you have downloaded and installed the Music, when you load up a game, you may notice as it brings up the game, it pauses for about a minute. Don¡¦t fret, it hasn¡¦t crashed, its just trying to process the Music. You¡¦ll just have to be patient. You¡¦ll find if you start up another game using the same race, you won¡¦t have to wait again. You only have to wait with each first session of A2.
	ƒ{ƒnThe Imperial Colony Ship and Phalanx Missile Frigate build buttons do NOT show up and neither will their wireframes. They can still be built. Additionally, the upgrade center and one or two of the inaccessible ships build buttons are blank spaces as well. We currently do not know why we cannot get these particular buttons and wireframes to show up, but once fixed, it will be updated in a patch.
	ƒ{ƒnThe New Republic Colony Ship and Storm Torpedo Cruiser build buttons do NOT show up and neither will their wireframes. They can still be built. Additionally, the upgrade center and one or two of the inaccessible ships (E-Wing, Ion Frigate) build buttons are blank spaces as well. We currently do not know why we cannot get these particular buttons and wireframes to show up, but once fixed, it will be updated in a patch.

5- New Units you should be aware of.

Each race will get 1 new ship and 1 new structure previously unseen in the first ST vs SW. The ships you will find out for yourselves, however you should be made aware that each race now has an Advanced Sensor Array. But this structure is special because the ASA has a Gravity Well Generator to prevent Warp/Hyperspace in a certain radius from it. The AI will not build these as it crashes the game if they do, but Human players are fine.

Additionally, ALL secondary turrets (Torpedo Turrets, Large Gun Emplacement etc), now have an Anti-Torpedo weapon which will fire automatically at any warhead (ST or SW) within range and destroy it (ST) or render it useless (SW).

Make sure you¡¦re aware of these things so you can make full use of the new tactical elements we¡¦ve put in.

6- ST vs SW Maps

Included in this Demo are 2 maps specifically for ST vs SW II. They are Face Off II and Scrapyard II. 

Face Off II

Number of Players: 6
Scenario: This map is an excellent map for a team game of 3 vs 3. The map is divided into 2 sections by a large asteroid field going down the map. However there are 3 gaps in this field. The top and bottom gaps are surrounded by blue and purple nebula, while the middle is just purple. But its not as easy as you think to get past these gaps, because each gap is guarded by numerous ships. In the top gap you will find several Romulan Warbirds, the bottom will find lots of Cardassian Ships, and the middle, the most heavily defended point, has Dominion ships, including a Dreadnought. Each starting point has 4 moons nearby, a Class-M Planet to colonise and a Class-D planet for metal. Forget Rushing early on, the fleets in the gaps are large in numbers. Be warned however, the Map Units have a tendency to suddenly rush everyone.

Scrapyard II

Number of Players: 6
Scenario: This is another excellent map for a team game of 3 vs 3. In the middle of a map is an Asteroid perimeter that makes up a fairly large box. There are 4 gaps where you can enter the Asteroid box, 2 are more heavily defended than the others. A large Red and Yellow Nebula forms a line in the middle above and below the box to stop you from simply going around this box. In the middle of this box however, is a Derelict Romulan Base. There are a few Warbirds, an out post, mining stations, construction ships and even a couple of Shipyards. Capturing this base means you will have limited access to the Romulan side (which will be fully playable in the full version of ST vs SW II). The gaps to the box are defended by ACTIVE Romulan defense turrets. So again, rushing early in this map will prove quite useless.

9 - Disclaimer and Legal Information

The Star Trek vs. Star Wars team CANNOT be held responsible for any consequential damage to your system. If you download and install this mod, you do so at your own risk. The material in this mod is NOT made or supported by either Activision, Paramount Pictures,  Lucasfilm Ltd. or LucasArts Entertainment Co. in any way, shape or form. No copyright infringement is intended to any of the above companies shown and no profit is made from this mod other than the publics satisfaction of our work. All Star Trek ships, logo¡¦s, names and statistics are property of Paramount Pictures. The game Star Trek Armada is an Activision product. All Star Wars ships, logo¡¦s, names and statistics in this mod belongs to those companies who own the rights to them, without question. We've simply changed some basic files in order that others might be able to play in the wonderful universes spawned by the minds of Roddenberry and Lucas. Thanks to all those who love Star Wars and Star Trek... because without you, we'de have no reason to make this.

The material in the Star Trek vs Star Wars Conversion Mod is the property of the ST vs SW team and of Apoc Entertainment. Any changes you make to the mod (addons and the like) you make for a public release must have a section of the readme file giving credit where credit is due to the mod team. If you wish to use material from this mod in your own mod, then you must ask permission from the Team Leader (Jc).

10 - Credits

Below is all the team members and anyone else who helped in the creation of this mod either actively submitting something to us or allowing us to use their material for our benefit. If I mistakenly left anyone out (and I might do that because so many helped) then please contact me at once and I will rectify the document with the next update.

Team Members (Both Current and Former)

Name - Alias	Job(s)	
Jason Millward - Angel	Project Leader, All Star Trek (ST) Modding, some Star Wars modding, AI. Imperial Voiceovers
Steve Croy - Stalker	Majority of the Star Wars (SW) Modding, AI, Music, Rebel Voiceovers
Simon Withers - Sim Rex	Assistant modder, Modeller/SOD Converter, AI, Imperial Voiceovers, Installer Program
John McLernon - Loccu	All ST and SW Build/Tech Buttons, GUI Interfaces, Splash startup picture, Website Designer, Main Menu Animations and Backround, ST weapon textures.
Jeff - Idler	Modeller/SOD Converter

Additional Outside Help

Name - Alias	Job(s)
? - Weasel	Beta Tester, Rebel Voiceovers
Justin Foster - Rom Spy	Rebel Voiceovers
Carl Thomas - Major A Payne	All ST build buttons
Chuong Pham - Fit for Natalie	All ST Tech Buttons
? - Chris of Rexcom	Imperial Voiceovers
? - Akira (Former Member)	Star Wars Laser Weapon Textures.
? - Ch'Yu Chen	Wireframes.
Kleovoulos Toltsoglou - Kleotol	AI Help.

Material Borrowed/Used from other people/projects.

Name - Alias	Material Used	
Millennium Project 1 & 2	Runabout, Nova, Centaur, Galaxy. Sovereign, Excalibur, Federation and Klingon Heavy Weapons Platforms, Klingon Battlestation, B¡¦rel and K¡¦Vort Birds of Prey, Vor¡¦cha Attack Cruiser, K¡¦Tinga.
Empire and Federation	K-4 Bird of Prey	
Dominion Wars	Federation Attack Fighter, Light Shipyard for the Federation.	
Lorenzo Ottaviano - 9 of Nine	Ambassador, Excelsior, Intrepid, Nebula, Galaxy-X, Prometheus, Starbase.	
? - Rear Admiral Toroca	Galaxy-X/Starbase/HWP Phaser Cannon Texture

11 - Contact

It is important to us we know what you - The Public -  think of our work so that we may improve it further for future addons/patches. Any bugs should be reported to us at once and we would prefer that you do so in the forum rather than contacting us individually via e-mail so we don¡¦t have to repeat ourselves too often. Should you wish to use certain material from this mod, then please contact me (Angel) about it first. If you have a problem with the mod then PLEASE post it in the forum and don¡¦t e-mail or contact us over ICQ. It is appreciated.

Our forums are located at:
Have fun, and we hope you enjoy what you play. We certainly did =)


The ST vs SW Team

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