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Well, from a quick flick through the ReadMe and screenshots, this mod adds three new weapons to the game.

In brief, a Sun Bomb (be...


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Well, from a quick flick through the ReadMe and screenshots, this mod adds three new weapons to the game.

In brief, a Sun Bomb (beefed up version of the Cardassian Plasma Overload, a new "special" freighter (that blows things up) and a genesis-like weapon. Quite a worthy little project if you ask me ;) - SSA

*Fixes included in this version*

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Download 'starfleet_xtras.rar' (745KB)

I have made a few improvements to the Federation and wish to share the ideas with the community.

From new weapons; one for the Enterprise E, to freighters with hidden agendas to planet changing enhancements!

They are as follows in the next 3 sections:

1) Sun Bombs

In need of a new weapon, Starfleet turned to making big torpedos which they called Sun Bombs. The design comes from the
Cardassian Plasma Overload with more damage.

It takes a lot of energy to launch and you'll need to build ship upgrade stations to get the non hero version.

To beef up the Enterprise E I have made a hero version for it.

With Sun Bombs in their arsenal Starfleet can now have the weapons to deal with any new threats awaiting them, they hope
to avert a similar situation like the Dominion War.

Whether this weapon will achieve that or inflame tempers remains to be seen.

To add Sun Bomb to your weapons locker:

odfs to ArmadaII/odf/special weapons

That's it! Now you can add it to the needed ships!

Hero version:

Go to ArmadaII/odf/ships - locate fente.odf

Add the following lines after last weapon:

// Sun Bomb
weaponXX = "hbomb"
weaponHardpointsXX = "hp34" "hp35" "hp36"

XX = next number in seqeunce. 

(Newbies - To save changes, you must save in a different location - and overwrite the fente.odf file)

Non-hero version:

// Sun Bomb
weaponXX = "gbomb"
weaponHardpointsXX = "hp??" "hp??" "hp??" (Select 'hps' from existing special weapon points or select one!)

(In the pictures my Galaxy Class have it but you can decide your own vessel!)

Go to techtree folder and open

NOTE: (align all texts and any numbers as needed to exactly match existing lines)

After the last Fed special weapon add:

gbomb.odf 1 fupgrade.odf // sun bomb 

Scroll down to the other weapons and add after the last hero special weapon:

hbomb.odf 0 // sun bomb for hero ship (uss enterprise)

Save and close.

Next go to fulltech and after last Fed special weapon add:

gbomb.odf 0

Then after last hero special weapon (ie hremod) add:

hbomb.odf 0

Save and close.

Next open Sprites folder and locate gui_global:
Add after last specail weapon: 

b_gbomb gbplasmabank00 0 0 64 64
b_hbomb gbplasmabank00 0 0 64 64 

That's it your reasy to go! 

I did develop this weapon with a use for Armada I but it never came to anything so I've adapted it for ArmadaII!

2) Mine Class

With the threat of a another species being as aggressive as the Dominion and Borg. Starfleet have allowed Section 31 to
develop a new ship capable of blasting enemy vessels to dust!

It looks like a harmless freighter and it even says its Mine Class!

1) Its detonated and they are goners!
2) They've seen it warp in or not mine anything!

It has no crew but heavy shields to help it get to its mark, even last against Starbases. The enemy will have to be quick to
stop it!

It uses the Romulan Spatial Rift to wipe out any enemy fleets. 

It is built from the Temporal Research Station with high costs as super weapons demand. 

To install:
Go to ArmadaII/odfs/stations

overwrite the fsuperbl.odf with the new one.

Now place the following files into the right folders:
odf to odf/ships
SOD to SOD folder
bitmap to bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages

Now locate your techtree folder and open
After the last Fed ship add

fsuper2.odf 1 fsuperbl.odf // mine class (align all entries as needed)

Save and close. Now locate
After last Fed ship entry add:

fsuper2.odf 0 (align all entries as needed)

Save and close. Now go back to your Armada directory and open the Sprites folder. Locate gui_global file.
After last Fed ship entry add: 

b_fsuper2.odf gbfsuper2 0 0 64 64 (align all entries as needed)

The scroll down and add the following wireframes after last Fed entry:

fsuper2w1 fedwireframe03 0 192 48 48 
fsuper2w2 fedwireframe03 48 192 48 48 
fsuper2w3 fedwireframe03 96 192 48 48 
fsuper2w4 fedwireframe03 144 192 48 48 
fsuper2w5 fedwireframe03 192 192 48 48

Now you are ready to unleash them at unsuspecting opponents!

3) Project Genesis

Fellow downloaders what I wish to propose is a project named Genesis. 

Specifically these files can terraform all Class D moons into habitable planets; when you launch the files at your own
directory they will cause the Genesis effect - transfroming a dead moon into a habitable world!

Fit to despoit whatever lifeforms you see fit. When you conisder the shortages of heavy population planets then this gives
you an ideal solution should you see this to its natural conclusion.

Life from lifelessness at the click of a download. Now you can have maximum population from one of the most abundant rock 
planets. Crew gain is 10,000 (if you get to the moon first!)

The metal resource stays the same.

To install:

Place all tgas into your RGB folder (StarTrekArmadaII/Textures/RGB)
Place the odf into odf/stations.

Now you are ready to go!

Full Credits to Activision, I simply tweaked what was there to make a new super weapon ship for Starfleet, a new special
weapon and a liveable planet!


Any probs e-mail me @ [email protected]

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