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As the name suggests, this is a mod based on Starfox. Mostly known through the N64 game Lylat Wars released in 98 Starfox was a mercenary t...


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As the name suggests, this is a mod based on Starfox. Mostly known through the N64 game Lylat Wars released in 98 Starfox was a mercenary team that in the game had to fight through roughly 8 levels in arcade style. This mod incorporates the ship used by the team and the carrier, as well as one other ship.

While probably of interest to those people that have played the N64 game, it is probably of little interest if you haven't :)

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~~~~~~Starfox 64 Ship-addon Pack~~~~~

----Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Installation
III. Credits
IV. Other Stuff
V. Contact Info

----I: Introduction

~This mod will add on the following ships from Starfox 64 (N64 game):
-Greatfox (Big white mothership that builds the fighters)
-Arwing (The blue and white fighter)
-Wolfen (The red,grey, and black fighter)

The models are all extremely low poly, so FPS should not be a problem even with
300+ of any of the ships onscreen. All of the ships come with a build button and
admiral's log pictures, but still lack wireframes =P

----II: Installation

Step 1: Place the files into thier correct places. This means whatever is in this mod's
ODF folder goes in your ODF folder, and so on. You shouldn't be overwriting any files,
so copying the folders directly should work fine.

Step 2: Open your GUI_Global file in your Armada 2 Sprites folder.
Search for this line:

b_fspecial			gbfspecial		0	0	64	64	

Once you've found it, add the following line underneath it:

b_wolfen			wolfenbuildbutton	0	0	64	64
b_Greatfox		greatfoxbuildbutton	0	0	64	64
b_n64arwing		n64arwingbuildbutton	0	0	64	64

Step 3: Save the changes to your GUI_Global file and open up ur tech1 file in the Armada2 techtree folder.
Scroll all the way to the bottom (or wherever you choose to place this line) and add the following:

//Starfox 64 stuff
wolfen.odf 0
Greatfox.odf 0
n64arwing.odf 0

Step 4: Save the changes to the tech1 file. Now open up your favorite shipyard and add the following line 
under where it has the builditem list:

buildItemX = "Greatfox"

The X stands for the # after the last one in the builditem list of the shipyard.
*Note: You only need to add the Greatfox because it builds the other two ships*

Step 5: Start up Armada 2 and enjoy!

----III: Credits

Original Models: Ultimate Dragon
Textures: Ultimate Dragon
ODF, SOD, TGA : Ultimate Dragon
Build Button and Admirals Log pic: Ultimate Dragon

----IV: Other Stuff

~Check out my Cornelian Fighter mod!;74874

~The Starfox Assault Mod for Armada 2 is postponed until I have more time to finsh those

~For those of you wondering about the Halo mod I had, I am currently
attempting to get the A2files staff to Re-Review it with several impartials
so that it can be re-uploaded ASAP. 

~If anyone would like to challenge the validity of this model or any other model, I will
happily provide proof to the questionee. 

----V. Contact Info

Ultimate Dragon can be reached by:

MSN/Email: [email protected]
Commenting under this file

Please do not keep asking about the Halo mod, as stated above I'm trying to get it
re-posted. Also, please don't randomly add me to your MSN buddy list unless you
need a serious question answered.

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