Stargate x303 & x304

These have got to be two of the best Stargate models I've seen. An x303 (Prometheus) and x304 (Daedalus) which have both been seen on Starga...


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These have got to be two of the best Stargate models I've seen. An x303 (Prometheus) and x304 (Daedalus) which have both been seen on Stargate SG-1, and probably Stargate Atlantis. - I haven't seen much of Atlantis, thus am unaware as to whether the Prometheus was ever shown on that show.

Anyway, these aren't game-compatible (at least, not as of yet). They are only Meshes, and do need hardpointing and suchlike (something that I may even be tempted to do myself, given time). I can't fault the textures of these, and the poly counts are both within game limitations.

- x303 Poly Count: 1300 - x304 Poly Count: 2062

As with a lot of Major Paynes models, these are poly reductions of some much higher polied models for Starfleet Command. Anyway, if your a Stargate Fan, then you'll want these two models (ok, so you have to get them into the game yourself - this proving easier for some people than others) but think of it as a unique challenge.

I also took the liberty of taking some screenshots in MS3D, I know how everyone likes to see what they're getting.

- Ash

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Download '' (4.71MB)

- Original mesh and texture set created by Sandman3d for SFC3.
- This low poly complete rebuild done by Major A Payne. Original textures reapplied to new model.

You download this model and its associated texture files with the following understanding:
1) That you will not distribute any part of this zip in any capacity for any means of profit.
2) That you will refrain from editing any part of the mesh and/or textures without permission from the original creator of this work.
3) Any image usage or reconversions/additional usage will carry the above credits.

If you are agreeable to these points the feel free to use this. If not then you are politely asked to remove it from your pc.

In the event of any necessary contact then please use the following methods:
- ICQ: UIN60839084

Thankyou for downloading this release.

Major A Payne

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