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I'll just pot the whole tutorial right here for all you folks who don't want to bother downloading what you can just read here :D -- -- -...


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I'll just pot the whole tutorial right here for all you folks who don't want to bother downloading what you can just read here :D -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hello, this is FireFly_194 and I'm going to discuss two strategies in winning a battle.

A: Defense - This strategy includes many, many defense stcutures to defend you base. Instead of building huge fleets of ships, you will be constructing pulse cannons and torpedo turrets around your perimeter. Once you have a sufficent amount of defense stations and turrets, you can start doing everything else like normal. Researching, resource collecting, etc. When it comes to ship building, build two shipyards and then two advanced ship yards. Keep building ships from the original yards and keep sending them to help defend your base. So now you have a bunch of small ships and turrets as a perimeter...if you have enough ships, nothing will get passed you defensive line. Now, for your offensive you will keep constructing ships out of the advanced shipyard and sending them to a corner of your base where they will not be disturbed. Once you have constructed an advanced fleet, get them ready for battle. Get all your research done and make sure your defense is stable. By now, the enemy will be getting ready to attack. When they do, your defensive structures will hopefully push them back. Once the enemy fleet is diminished, send your advanced ship fleet to the enemy base. If that fleet is not victorious and gets defeated. Send you defensive fleet of weaker ships to hopefully go finish off the enemy base. If that fleet gets destroyed and the enemy base sends another fleetwell....your screwed :p . Here is a pic of my strategy's outcome. strategies_a_pic.jpg

B: Offense Strategy - In this strategy, you will hit the enemy as fast as you can and as strong as you can. This is alot less complicated than the Defensive strategy...but in my opninion I don't really like to use only offense...but this may work better for some people. :) Build ALOT of shipyards, advanced and regular. Get neccessary resources and crew, but don't research unless neccessary, as this takes up valuable time. Build as many ships as you can and try to kill the enemy hard and fast before they can amass a huge fleet. Keep on hitting them with your ships until their defenses are gone, and their fleet - diminished. Hit them hard and fast and they won't be able to counter. This doesn't work for the Borg or Species 8472, for their ships take longer to build and may not be able to keep pushing their fleets out in small amounts of time. Here is a pic of this strategy's outcome. strategies_b_pic.jpg

I hope these two strategies will help you in upcoming battles. Live long and prosper

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This is pretty self-explanitory. Open the tutorial, read it, and go into a game find the fruits of your labor.

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