Suliban Stealth Pod

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Wraith's latest Suliban creation is a beauty, as always :)



Suliban Stealth Pod
by Wraith
Founder of Rivendell Studios

I've noticed there are quite a few Pre-TOS mods around,
 but none of them have any modelers making Suliban ships.
  As a matter of fact, these mods hardly have any modelers
 at all.  I decided to help out all those guys by making
 as many Suliban ships as I can, starting with the ubiquities
 pod.  The Suliban Patrol Pod in this pack features a special
 weapon that explodes inside nebulas, like the charges they
 used in Broken Bow to find Enterprise.  The ship is larger and
 more powerful than the normal pod, and in my opinion, way
 cooler looking.

Please feel free to use this ship in your mod.  I have 
included an odf, using cardassian weapons
(yellow, like the suliban beams).  To install the special
weapon, just put the odfs (gsubomb, subomb, and msubomb) in the
 Special_Weapons folder.  You'll also need to add in the right
 lines in the techtree and gui_global, but I'll leave it up to
 you to figure out how to do that.

If you don't know how to add ships or stations into A2 yourself, download
 Westworlds "Big Book of Modding" at

Model and Texture by Wraith
Special Thanks to Gal'Na for screen captures from Shockwave, Part II

If you have any questions, e-mail Wraith at [email protected]

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