Super Repulsion Force

Remake of the Klingon Repulsion Wave


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File Description
This is the "Super Repulsion Force" made by Wasbeetlebug!

The "super repulsion force" is a modified klingon weapon,
only made even better. You can fling enemies across the sector in seconds,
pushing them through nebulas, into blackholes, and even has enough force to whack them through asteroid
If you have any suggestions or comments, email me at 


Put all odf files into odf/specialweapons.

Edit the sprite
Find the section:

# Special weapon buttons


and add:

b_grfield2              gbrwave00		0	0	64	64

Find the section:

Federation Special weapons

And add:

grfield2.odf       0

Scroll straight down to the bottom of
And add:

grfield2.odf       0

Next, open
Find the fedpods. Under them, you should see super weapons like "gcorbom.odf 0"
Under that list, add:

grfield2.odf 0

scroll straight down to the bottom of

And Add:

grfield2.odf 0

Now all you have to do is add this weapon to a ship.
open any vessel odf,


// Super repulsion wave
weaponX = "grfield2"
weaponHardpointsX = "hp10"

(Where X is, write the next number.) Eg. If the last weapon is weapon3 = "grfield2"
                                                                                            weaponHardpoints3 = "hp10"
then this weapon will be weapon4 = "grfield2"
                                     weaponHardpoints4 = "hp10"


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