T.J.P Hall Way Hell

This is a cool two player map by Trevor J Plikington.


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This is a cool two player map by Trevor J Plikington.

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T.J.P Hall Way Hell
By Trevor J Pilkington 
2 Teams Game Map

Well this one fun the fist time I whant on it my base near kill of by the Borg from the middle and the other team base was anyway the Borg Ship are TFCubes you have to get pass them to get to the other team base before the Borg come to you. As well as the main verson (V2) there is or so a verson that I did not get on very well with because you can only get one ship of a time into the meddle now that was hell but I have no pic for it so you have to see what its like your seft so injoy
those maps and sorry for my spellings,


Install in to your "C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bzn"  to play 

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